Overcome Scarcity of Hand Sanitizer, ARC Unsyiah Produces U Hansa

17.03.2020 Humas

Atsiri Research Center (ARC) of Syiah Kuala University succeeded in innovating by producing a hand sanitizer named U Hansa. Head of ARC Unsyiah Dr. Syaifullah, ST, M.Eng said that this innovation is to overcome the scarcity of hand sanitizers on the market related to the Corona virus outbreak. (Banda Aceh, 3/17/2020).

Syaifullah said, actually since 2018 ARC Unsyiah has been doing research related to patchouli essential oil based hand sanitizer products. Initially the U-Hansa hand sanitizer product was produced for Unsyiah's internal needs.

"But because of the high demand from the community, and the scarcity of products on the market, it was eventually produced more in order to help the needs of the community with hand sanitizers," said Syaifullah.

Syaifullah also explained, U Hansa was produced by referring to the formulation issued by WHO, namely ethanol, peroxide, glycerin and water-based hand sanitizers. Then ARC Unsyiah made a touch of innovation by adding patchouli essential oil.

"Patchouli oil added, is the result of vacuum fractionation which is rich in natural organic components for anti-germs, anti-virus, skin moisturizers and others," he explained.

U-Hansa hand sanitizer products are produced by the research and production team from ARC in direct coordination with him. The other Unsyiah researchers involved were Prof. Rina, Dr. Khairan, Nadia, MSc, Zaira Munanda, MT, Sabrina Khairunnisa, ST Khalid, ST, Mulia, ST, Friesca, M.Sc and others. This team coordinates with Vice Chancellor 1 Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Marwan and Vice Chancellor IV Unsyiah Dr. Hizir.

In terms of quality, U-Hansa's hand sanitizer products have been tested at the Microbiology Laboratory of the Unsyiah Faculty of Medicine and showed excellent bacterial / germ inhibitory activity. In addition, U-Hansa also provides a moisturizing feel to the skin and has a preferred and relatively long-lasting scent, a combination of lemon and patchouli.

U-Hansa products consist of 3 packages, namely Spray 60 mL (travel friendly). Pet spray 100 mL (large spray form, intended for spraying mattresses, chairs, clothes and others. Then Pump 500 mL which is easily placed in offices, rooms, homes and others.

"Unsyiah ARC wants to produce more hand sanitizers in small packages and can be distributed free of charge to the public, hopefully we can get funding for this," he said.

Until now 1500 U-Hansa bottles have been ordered by the public and have been distributed. ARC will open orders again on Friday, 03/20/2020 to be distributed on Monday, 03/23/2020.