Postgraduate Program of Unsyiah Hold Innovation Conference

04.10.2018 Humas

A number of academics from various countries and universities in Indonesia gathered in Banda Aceh to discuss the development of innovation and creativity in the fields of technopreneurship and digitalpreneurship. This activity was organized by the Syiah Kuala University Postgraduate Program (Unsyiah) in The 1st International Graduate Conference (IGC) and The 6th Roundtable Indonesian Entrepreneurship Educators (RIEE) at the Unsyiah Postgraduate Building, October 3-5, 2018.

Chancellor of Unsyiah, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng in his remarks read by the Vice Chancellor I, Prof. Dr. Ir Marwan said the presence of this conference was in line with the spirit of Unsyiah in increasing the number of research and publications. According to him, strategic steps are needed in improving the ability of researchers to conduct research. Moreover, the progress of a country is one of its measures seen from the results of research and innovation. He took the example of South Korea experiencing rapid research development in Asia.

For this reason, he hopes IGC and RIEE can become active forums for academics, researchers, and practitioners. It is hoped that this conference can produce quality publications in each field.

While the Chairperson of the Committee, Dr. Iskandarsyah, SE. MM, said the holding of this conference was one of the efforts to achieve the goals of Unsyiah as an innovative, independent and reputable university. He added that the committee had received 52 abstract papers from participants on various topics. Later the paper will be presented at the conference in four parallel sessions.

"The papers selected at this conference have the opportunity to be published in Scopus," said Iskandar.

This conference presents keynote speaker Dr. Mohamed Abdel (Henan University, China), Prof. Hamdan Said (Malaysian Technology University), Dr. Syaifulah, ST., M.Eng (Unsyiah), Sunil Tolani (CEO of Calibreworks), Jhody A Prabawa (CEO of NeoSentre), Pinpin Bhaktiar (CEO of Mahajirehland).