PPDS Obgyn Unsyiah Got Basic Surgical Training

04.11.2019 Humas

A total of 23 Doctors of Obgyn Regional 1 Specialist Doctor Education Program in Sumatra, who are from Syiah Kuala University, North Sumatra University, Andalas University and Riau State University received basic surgical training BSS1 (Basic Surgical Skill), starting November 1 - 3, 2019 at the Al Hanafi Hotel, Banda Aceh.

Obgyn Specialist Doctor Unsyiah Prof. Dr. dr. Mohd Andalas, SpoG, who was present as a speaker explained, this basic surgical training aims to standardize the skills of prospective obstetrics and gynecology doctors, so that they become competent doctors in the future.

Prof. Andalas said, the BSS1 training was a training from a basic module in surgery in obstetrics and gynecology. The other module is BSS2, namely laparoscopy or surgery techniques with minimal incisions and basic ultrasonography (USG) training.

"Then this training must be followed by all PPDS doctors, because it is part of several national modules from the Indonesian Obstetric and Gynecology College (KOGI)," said Prof. Andalas.

The PPDS Doctors were trained by national trainers from the relevant universities, led by Dr.dr.Dianaianavivianti, SpOG (K) from KOGI, as well as concurrently as the Director of this Training.


While other trainers are Prof. Dr. Dr. Mohd Andalas, SpOG, Dr. Dr. Hasanudin, SpOG (K), Dr. Dr. Cut Meurah Yeni, SpOG (K), Dr. Munawar SpOG, Dr. Hilwah Nora. SpOG. (K) from Unsyiah. Then Dr. Defrin, SpOG (K) from Unand, Dr. Ari Hidayat.SpOG (K) from UNRI and Dr. Syamsul Arifin Nasution.SpOG (K) from USU.

In the material, Dr. Dwiana explained that the BSS training module came from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the United Kingdom. The implementation of this training is also a form of the commitment of the Indonesian Obegyn College, to continuously strive to improve the standard of graduates of specialist doctors who are competent in their fields, so that someday they are able to become international obgyn doctors.

Currently Unsyiah has 10 specialist programs namely Internal Medicine, Surgical, Obese, ENT-KL Health Sciences, Pulmonology, Anesthesiology, Cardiology, Child Health Sciences, Neurology and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.