Prevent Covid-19 Transmission, Unsyiah Students Socializing And Distributing Masks

26.06.2020 Humas

Unsyiah KKN students distributed masks and educational flyers to the community on the Meulaboh-Tapaktuan National Road, Meureubo District, West Aceh.

Rifani Nasron, student from Faculty of Engineering accompanied by his colleague, Aulya Rahmawati, a student of the Faculty of Economics and Business to, informed that they carried out the action since June 8, 2020 and ended up to two days ago.

Through this action, said Rifani, it was hoped that he could break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. The target of their action is the Meureubo Village, Meureubo District, West Aceh Regency.

"We also do door-to-door socialization and also the installation of educational banners," said Rifani, confirmed by his colleague, Aulya Rahmawati.

He explained, Covid-19 Thematic KKN group 585 also carried out the distribution of hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and herbal drinks to increase the body's immunity in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the assessment of Rifani et al, one of the groups most vulnerable to contracting the dangerous virus are traders, such as sellers of coconut water and sugar cane along the Meulaboh-Tapaktuan National Road.

"When carrying out buying and selling activities, traders often do not use masks so that the potential for the spread of the virus at any time can occur. Therefore this merchant group is one of our targets, "said Rifani.