Professor University of Duisburg-Essen Recommends His Campus at Unsyiah

13.02.2019 Humas

Professor from Germany and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering from the University of Duisburg-Essen Prof.Dr. Ing.h.c. Dieter Schramm, introduced his campus to the Chancellor of Syiah Kuala University Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng and several other Unsyiah officials in the Rector's Room, Darussalam. (Wednesday, 2/13).

In his speech, rector of Unsyiah said that he was very honored by the visit of Professor from German. Unsyiah's relationship with campuses in Germany is also very good. Especially nowadays many Unsyiah lecturers are graduates of Germany.

"Unsyiah has 58 professors and over 400 doctors who are still very young. This number can still increase because others are studying," said rector.


Meanwhile Prof. Schramm revealed, that the University of Duisburg is located in the heart of continental Europe. The campus has 11 faculties, which are the faculties of literature, social sciences, education, economics, business administration, mathematics, physics, chemistry and medicine.

"For students, we have 11,358 students. They consist of 6,941 scholars and 3,839 masters, "he said.

Prof. Schramm also explained that the campus had conducted several research priorities. Such as research related to nano sciences, urban systems, biomedical sciences and the transformation of contemporary societies.

"For the Faculty of Engineering we have four research focuses, namely tailored material, human-centered cyber-physical systems, and energy and resource engineering," he said.

Also attending the event was Deputy Rector IV Unsyiah Dr. Hizir, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ir. Taufiq S, M.Eng Dean of the Faculty of MIPA, Dr. Teuku Mohammad Iqbalsyah, M.Sc, and Head of UPT Office of International Affairs Dr. Muzailin, S.Si, M.Sc