Prototype Chem-E-Car Unsyiah Champ in International Level

12.04.2018 Humas


Prototype Chem-E-Car designed by Koetaradja Team, was ranked 6th and awarded Best Video Profile in Indonesian Chemical Engineering Car Competition (ICECC) at Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya (3/24).

Chem-E-Car Competition is an annual event held by Chemical Engineering Student Association (Himatekk) Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya. This competition aims to accommodate Chemical Engineering students worldwide to solve energy or fuel problems by applying chemical reactions. The Protoype car designed by Unsyiah Engineering students, able to reach the finish line with an error value of 4.455.

That error value also outperformed Chem-E-Car from several major universities in Indonesia, such as Universitas Indonesia, Sebelas Maret State University, Dipenogoro University, Institute of Technology Bandung, even Chem-E-Car from Institute of Technology Sepuluh Nopember.

Of the total 39 participants, only 20 grand finalists managed to pass the selection. Koetaradja Unsyiah team managed to send a team that is one of two teams representing Sumatra in ICECC 2018.

The Koetaradja team consists of nine Chemical Engineering students, 2 mechanical engineering students, and 1 student of Electrical Engineering. Team guided by prof. Dr. Ir. Marwan, has a dream to be able to follow competitions in foreign countries such as, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Australia. []


Koetaradja Team:

1. Rahmi Safitri (Team Leader)

2. Ammar Viko Wicaksono (Power Source)

3. Taufik Rinaldi (Power Source)

4. Dzikri Hamzah (Power Source)

5. Aidil Fathurrahman (Power Source)

6. M. Rezaki Koto (Stopping Mechanism)

7. M. Fauzan Rizky (Stopping Mechanism)

8. Meisy Adrindra (Manager)

9. Nur 'Aisyah (Manager)

10. Nizam Shalihin (Electrical)

11. M. Fakhrial Adha (Mechanical)

12. Fathurrahman (Mechanical).