PSIP Unsyiah Discuss Polemic About KIP Aceh Inauguration

07.06.2018 Humas

Research Center For Governmental Sciences (PSIP) Syiah Kuala University in cooperation with Legal Consultation and Legal Aid Institute (LKBH) Faculty of Law Unsyiah held a public discussion themed Polemic Inauguration of Independent Election Commission (KIP) Aceh: Road Map Finding Solutions in the Hall of Law Faculty Unsyiah. (Thursday, 6/7).

Chairman of the event,  Zubaidah Azwan MM said that this activity is the response of Unsyiah  to some polemic issues, one of them is polemic of KIP Aceh inauguration.

"Through this public discussion, we hope to bring a various views that then become our reference in assessing this polemic," he said.

This event present DR. Amrizal J. Prang, S.h., M.H (Head of Legal Bureau of Setda Aceh), Zainal Abidin, S.H., M. Si m.H (Academician of Constitutional Law of Unsyiah), Kurniawan S. S.H., LL.M (Head of PSIP Unsyiah) and representatives from DPRA as the presenters, and Chief Executive in Serambi Indonesia Yarmen Dinamika as a moderator.

Kurniawan in his presentation said that this activity is part of Unsyiah effort to realize the Three Principles of University. Because through this discussion is expected to get a realistic solution in solving the polemic about KIP Aceh.

Kurniawan hopes that this polemic should be resolved as it will affect the democratic climate in Aceh, including the quality of elections that will held later on.

"This activity is our moral responsibility as the university, then we try to onvite the competent parties to discuss it," said Kurniawan.

This event was officially opened by Vice Dean 1 FH Unsyiah DR. Azhari, S.H., MCL. MA. Previously, PSIP Unsyiah has also conducted a public discussion which discussed the issue that became a polemic in the community. Such as the issue of UUMD3 as well as the Governor's Regulation of Poultry.