PT Mifa Collaborates on PCR Test Swab Test with Unsyiah

19.06.2020 Humas

In the context of operational effectiveness and a productive, healthy and safe company working environment in the application of the New Normal stage during the Covid-19 pandemic, PT Mifa Bersaudara signed a collaboration with the Syiah Kuala University Infection Disease Laboratory in the case of the PCR Real Time Swab Test (QPCR) Polymerase Chain Reaction), Monday (6/15/2020).

Manager of Infection Disease Laboratory of Syiah Kuala University, Dr. Ihsan said that the PCR Swab Test collaboration test was a form of concern that had a good impact not only for the company but also could protect the surrounding community of the company that had the potential for rapid transmission of covid 19.

"Through this collaboration between institutions, we hope to be able to protect the community with caution and prudence, so that the process of transmission of Covid 19 can be prevented properly," he said, as reported by

At present, Unsyiah has 2 PCR machines and 14 expert teams working to analyze each PCR result. As for the inspection capacity that can be reached per day as many as 376 samples and to date almost 600 people who come to inspect voluntarily or in the form of cooperation as carried out by PT Mifa Brothers.

Director of PT Mifa Bersaudara, Ricky Nelson said that from the beginning of its operations in Aceh PT Mifa was always concerned about carrying out all government procedures and policies, including with various policies in the implementation of new normal. Through this PCR Swab Test inspection collaboration it is hoped that every guest, employee, and work partner who wishes to enter and work on the Mifa site is truly protected from the danger of Covid 19 transmission.

"We require every company PJO / HR in the PT Mifa work area to always inform the data of their employees who have finished their leave or will travel to the Mifa site in Meulaboh to the company doctor, so that a letter of introduction or recommendation for the Swab Test will be issued later. qPCR ", explains Ricky.

In addition to Unsyiah, PT Mifa Bersaudara has also collaborated with various other health services in terms of qPCR Real Time Swab Tests, such as the Meulaboh Research Laboratory and the Mother Thamrin Clinic in Banda Aceh.

"We are very concerned about the handling of Covid 19, we continue to make every effort so that the implementation of New Normal is really well realized and operational operations in the company area also remain optimal", concluded Ricky.