Rector Inaugurates Three New Officials

05.06.2018 Humas

Rector of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah), Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M. Eng, Tuesday (6/5), inaugurated three new officials in the university. Officials inaugurated at AAC Building Dayan Dawood, Darussalam, consisted of the Dean of the Agriculture Faculty, as well as Chairman and Secretary of Unsyiah Business Development Agency (BPBU).

Those who inaugurated are Prof. Dr. Ir. Samadi, M. Sc as Dean of Agriculture Faculty (FP), drh. Mulyadi Adam, M.Sc (Chairman of BPBU), and Dr. Faisal, SE., M. Si, MA (Secretary of BPBU). As the Dean of FT, Prof. Samadi replace Ir. Agussabti, M.Si who has now served as Vice Rector for General and Financial Affairs of Unsyiah.

In his speech, Prof. Samsul hopes the new officials can work together and uphold the value of honesty and sincerity in order to bring Unsyiah to be better. He also hopes that these three new officials can work together to advance faculty and work units, especially the Unsyiah Business Development Agency (BPBU). Because according to him, BPBU has an important role and become the spearhead for Unsyiah who currently has become the Public Service Agency (BLU). To that end, the Rector wants BPBU to immediately prepare a business plan carefully, as well as to optimize the Unsyiah assets.

In particular, Prof. Samsul advised Prof. Smadi to bring a positive spirit to the agricultural world in Aceh. Because according to him, 70 percent of the people of Aceh work as farmers and fishermen who are still living below the poverty line.

To that end, he hopes the Faculty of Agriculture can create a variety of superior seeds and cutting-edge technology that can support the work process of farmers. Because if the farmers equipped with superior seeds and technology, it can increase the crops that affect the economic life of farmers.

Also attending the inauguration were vice rectors, faculty deans, bureau chiefs, and other academic Unsyiah members.