Rector of USK Reported UNINET Programs in 14th IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting

30.04.2021 Humas

The Rector of the University of Syiah Kuala, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng who is also the Chairman of UNINET (University Network) in IMT-GT reported the UNINET programs in the 14th IMT-GT Strategic Planning Meeting conducted through online platform on 30 April 2021 from Banda Aceh, Indonesia. 

The Rector’s remarks focused on three focal points which include the impacts of Covid-19 on UNINET’s Program, the achievement and summary of project updates, and the expected guidance from the Senior Officials regarding some programs. 

The Rector explained that the Covid-19 pandemic in the late 2019 which continued throughout 2020 impacted the programs which resulted in the adjustments and even cancellation of certain programs. 

“Nevertheless, this situation did not lower our spirit. With the availability and advancement of the current technology, UNINET still invited the related parties to conduct the programs through online platform.”, the Rector said. 

Some of the programs had been conducted online including the IMT-GT UNINET 2nd Council Meeting (Virtual Meeting), IMT-GT UNINET Business Model Canvas, IMT-GT Virtual Presidential Round Table, IMT-GT UNINET Student Leadership Forum (Student’s Voice), IMT-GT UNINET STEM, IMT-GT UNINET Virtual Student Mobility Program: Teen Talks Project 2020, Video Conference Organize by CIMT, UNINET Conference.

“In the near future, USK would host Mini Varsity Carnival on September 2021. However, we had to cancel two programs namely the IMT-GT UNINET Summer Camp and IMT-GT Varsity Carnival.”, the Rector said. 

Furthermore, IMT-GT UNINET had been working with Green Growth Asia Foundation and Thought For Food Foundation to initiate a new program, Rising Star Agri-Food Foundation Challenge 2021 which was marked by the signing of MoU on 25 January 2021 virtually. 

“Right now, about 647 people have signed in as participants in this competition. The deadline for registration has been extended until the end of May.”, the Rector said. 

Another initiative has also been proposed by UNINET entitled IMT-GT UNINET FIND Grad’s Initiative which also involve some private sectors such as Green Growth Asian Foundation and Find Glibal Sdn Bhd. The purpose of this program is to reduce the challenges for graduates to find jobs. 

The platform that will be used for the IMT-GT UNINET FIND Grad’s Initiative will be simple, efficient, and convenient that will help the graduates to reach out and connect with the employer regionally. So far, there is one private sector that has agreed to cooperate in this program. 

The IMT-GT UNINET also proposed another program entitled PERMATA (PERtukaran MAhasiswa nusanTAra) UNINET, a student exchange program among the three countries of IMT, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand in cooperation with 27 universities in the respected countries. 

Following the results of the 26th IMT-GT Ministerial Meeting, IMT-GT UNINET has manifested several projects including Internship in Japan, Digital Market Place, Digital Talent Training, and Virtual Job Fair.

IMT-GT UNINET also collaborate with the Halal Centre in the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia. In this regard, 12 university members of UNINET have signed an MoU and agreed to establish a Halal Centre and Halal Examination Agency (LPH).

For the new UNINET programs, Universiti Malaya had proposed two new programs namely Deisgn Thinking-Digital Workshop on the coming May 2021 and IMT-GT UNINET Webinar on August 2021.

Also, in preparation for the UNINET Strategic Action Plan (USAP) 2022-2026, UNINET scheduled three workshops in June, August, and October in the three countries. 

“In this regard, UNINET expects to consult the Senior Officials for guidance on two programs, the UNINET Strategic Action Plan (USAP) 2022-2026 and PERMATA UNINET.”, the Rector said. 

This meeting was hosted by CIMT (the Centre for IMT-GT Subregional Cooperation). This meeting was also attended by Mr Firdaus Dahlan, Director of Centre for Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle Subregional Cooperation, Hon. Dr. Rizal Affandi Lukman, Deputy Minister for International Economic Cooperation, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, 

Hon. Dato’ Ahmad Zamri bin Khairuddin, Director of Regional Development Division, Economic Planning Unit, Prime Minister's Department, Hon. Dr. Wanchat Suwankitti, Deputy Secretary General, Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC), Hon. Mr. Alfredo Perdiguero, Director of Regional Cooperation and Operations Coordination Division, Southeast Asia Department, Dr. Ade Candradijaya, Chairman of IMT-GT WG on Agriculture and Agro Based Industry, Mrs. Patthanasiri Salyasiri Ewtoksan.

Chairman of IMT-GT WG on Tourism, Mrs. Sulida Wangchi, Chairman of IMT-GT WG on Halal Products and Services, Ms. VANITHA MOHAN, Chairman of IMT-GT WG on Transport & ICT Connectivity, Mr. Ahmad Norhad Zahari, Chairman of IMT-GT SWG ICT Connectivity, Mr. Syed Mohd Faizal Syed Mohd Dardin, Chairman of IMT-GT WG on Trade and Investment Facilitation, Ms. Eva Trisiana, Chairman of IMT-GT WG on HRD, Education and Culture, Mr. Pavich Kesavawong, Chairman of IMT-GT WG on Environment, and  Mr. Sjahrian Harahap, Chairman of IMT-GT JBC.