Rector Released 1,488 Students to Take Community Service Program

09.01.2019 Humas

A total of 1,488 students participated in the Community Service Program (KKN) in Aceh Jaya Regency, which was held from January 9 to February 8, 2019. The students were released by Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng in the Unsyiah Administration Office (KPA) building. (1/9).

In his remarks, rector advised that every Unsyiah student must take the KKN seriously. Because this is their opportunity to learn and apply the knowledge they have gained while in college. Through KKN, students are trained to develop their potential by going directly to the community.

Rector hopes that in the implementation of this Community Service Program Unsyiah students must be able to implement programs that benefit the community. In particular, rector invited Unsyiah students to develop a literacy spirit both for themselves and for society.

Because according to him, currently our literacy culture is still very weak. And this is very influential on the quality of human resources, which is an important capital of development.

"How many books do we read? And what you get from the book. This is important, because currently the 4.0 industrial revolution is focused on data literacy, so we must be able to master it, " he said.

In addition, rector also reminded Unsyiah students to always maintain their attitudes and behavior in getting along with the community. They must be able to set an example and maintain the good name of Unsyiah.

"Because you have to be able to change the face of Aceh for the better, that is in the spirit of honesty, behave well and be intellectually intelligent. Because it is also the thing that becomes your capital for success in the future, "rector ordered.

Head of Implementation and Development Center for Unsyiah (P3KKN) Real Work Lecture Dr. drh. Tongku Nizwan Siregar, M.P explained, this is the 16th period of the Unsyiah Community Service Program consisting of regular KKN and Integrated KKN PPL. Where these students will be guided by 50 supervisors.

Tongku also said that the KKN students would later be deployed in nine sub-districts consisting of 171 gampongs in Aceh Jaya. Where the number consisted of 113 students in Setia Bakti District, 169 students in Panga District, 153 students in Krueng Sabee District, 169 students in Darul Hikmah District, 167 students in Teunom District, 124 students in Indra Jaya District, 165 students in Sampoinet District , 109 students in Pasie Raya District and 290 students in Jaya District.

"After today's release, the students will immediately leave for Aceh Jaya. And there they will be welcomed by the Regent of Aceh Jaya, "said Tongku.