Research and Community Service Institution (LP2M) and Rumah Amal USK Granted Funds for Capital to the Dhuafa

04.08.2021 Humas

Through the program of Economic Empowerment of Dhuafa Community (P2EMD), the Research and Community Service Institution (LP2M) in collaboration with Rumah Amal Universitas Syiah Kuala distributed the zakat grant to the dhuafa community around USK as capital. 

Dr. Sulastri, M.Si., secretary of USK LP2M explained that the capital they distributed was in the form of animal stock, production tools and materials, as well as other supporting equipment according to the interest and ability of the recipients. 

Sulastri then explained that this economic empowerment program involved a team of lecturers from various faculties who are experts in their respective fields. They all joined together to realize the Tri Dharma of Universities, to provide community service. 

This year’s (P2EMD) would run up to the upcoming November. The program phases include the capital distribution and periodic monitoring to the recipients. 

Out of 16 programs that they had, 3 of them have been running, namely: Dhuafa Empowerment in Peurada through Food Commerce Strengthening led by Dr. Murna Muzaifa, S.TP., M.P.; Dhuafa Empowerment in Baet Village through Quail Eggs Cultivation led by Zulfikar, S.Pt., and Dhuafa Empowerment in Blang Krueng through Goat Cultivation led by Dr. Bakhtiar, S.P., M.Si.

Meanwhile, Haris Munandar, S.Pd., Gr., operational manager of Rumah Amal USK showed his gratitude for everyone who entrusted the zakat distribution through Rumah Amal Masjid Jamik USK. 

“On behalf of the recipients, the Rumah Amal committee wants to say Jazakumullah Khairan to you, ladies and gentlemen who have entrusted the zakat distributed through Rumah Amal Masjid Jamik USK. I hope the zakat funds that we distribute through the P2EMD program would help improve the society’s productivity and income amidst this Covid-19 pandemic. And hopefully for sure, it would bring blessings and joy to those who give and those who receive.”, he said.