Rumah Amal and the Animal Farming Program of USK Held Fermented Feeder Manufacturing Training

27.04.2021 Humas

Siem, Greater Aceh (25/04/2021), the Rumah Amal Masjid Jamik of the University of Syiah Kuala, together with a team of lecturers from the Animal Farming Study Program held a training program to manufacture fermented feeder to the recipient of the economic empowerment program of 1000 ducks, T. Yusrizal in Siem. 

The operational manager of Rumah Amal, Haris Munandar explained that the 1000 ducks program was one of Rumah Amal’s main programs that aimed to elevate the underprivileged society’s economic independence around the University of Syiah Kuala. “This was a continuation program by Rumah Amal after the funding of Rp 3.000.000 for cage manufacture, purchase of 100 ducklings, feeder and animal’s nutrition for 3 months.”, he added.

The training was carried out by a team of lecturers from the Animal Farming Program, the Faculty of Agriculture USK, Dr. Allaily, S.Pt., M.Si., Ir. Zulfan M, Sc., and Zulfikar, S.Pt, accompanied by Rumah Amal team and several student volunteers. Allaily, as the coordinator, explained that this fermented feeder manufacturing training was aimed to enhance the farmers’ independence in supplying feeders for their ducks by using vegetable wastes from the market. “By providing the ducks with the fermented feeder, their weights could increase significantly because it consists of dozens of good bacteria,” she added.

Haris explained that until today, Rumah Amal is steadily trying to give some benefits to the society through the empowerment charity programs. Thus, the underprivileged society may become financially independent. Meanwhile, the funds for this program were collected from the zakat funds.