Rumah Amal and the Community Service and Research Institution (LPPM) USK Launched Economic Empowerment Program for the Poor (P2EMD)

29.04.2021 Humas

Rumah Amal (RA), the charity house of Masjid Jamik USK located in Masjid Jamik, Darussalam in corporation with the Community Service and Research Institution (LPPM) launched an Economic Empowerment Program for the Poor (P2EMD). This program was initiated the Program and Human Resources Manager of Rumah Amal, Dr. Rina Suryani Oktari, S.Kep., M.Si. 

Rina explained that the targets of this program are the poor people around USK. This includes the destitute who might not have anything (both money and property) to fulfil their basic needs and the poor who might be able to earn a living but just not enough for their daily needs. 

Additionally, the head of LPPM USK, Prof. Taufik F. Abidin, S.Si., M.Tech also explained that USK was not intended to only carry out its function to embody the tri dharma of higher education, but to do more than that. 

According to Prof. Taufik, USK’s active involvement in spreading good and realizing the economic empowerment for the poor also faces some challenges in this era. Therefore, USK should give real contributions to support the society’s living standards. 

“This is such a good program. The lecturers/teaching staff may offer suggestions and act as companions to the poor people so that they may rise from their condition. We hope that there would be many lecturers/teaching staff who submitted the proposals. Therefore, when this program succeeds it would be a pilot project to raise the living standards for the poor. For this purpose, LPPM also acts as the selecting and evaluating institution for the service program.”, as Prof. Taufik said. 

The program is scheduled to start from 12 April to 20 October 2021, starting with the proposal admission and review stage, plenary, verification, announcement of the selection results, contract signing, program implementation, monitoring, and final report. The clear picture of the program was explained in the webinar held on Friday, 23rd April 2021 through Zoom. The explanation was given by the Head of LPPM and the Director of Rumah Amal Masjid Jamik USK, Dr. rer. Pol. Heru Fahlevi, Se., M.Sc. 

It should be noted that the P2EMD program has some special features. Firstly, the funds was raised from the zakat fund of USK’s lecturers and employee. Secondly, the budget report procedures were designed to be simple. Meanwhile, the program would be implemented in a long term with a relatively simple output (as there is no obligation to make publications in journals). The most important feature is that this program would help solve the community’s problems. 

Heru explained that the output of this program would be in form of funding in the amount of Rp 35 million as a startup capital. This fund would be intended for 5-7 recipients and would be adjusted to the recipients’ skills and needs. The fund itself would not be distributed in the form of money but as live stocks, plant seeds, working equipments and others which may be used by the recipients to make a living. 

“The distribution of zakat as an economic empowerment program for the society (productive zakat fund) is hoped to help the recipients become economically independent and productive”, Heru added.

The Economic Empowerment Program for the Poor (P2EMD) is open for all lecturers and teaching staff in USK. Proposal admissions for this program would need to be submitted to this link: The complete information about the program may be accessed in the program socialisation recording through Rumah Amal’s youtube under the title “Webinar Sosialisasi P2EMD”.