Rumah Amal USK Distributes Zakat Funds for Mosque Carers, Qur’an Teachers in Qur’an Education Organisation (TPA) and Balee Beut

06.05.2021 Humas

Darussalam (4/5). Rumah Amal Masjid Jamik Universitas Syiah Kuala as zakat, infaq, and shadaqa institution had just held a distribution of zakat activity in Rumah Amal, located in the left wing of Masjid Jamik Kopelma Darussalam on level 2. The zakat funds were distributed into several sub programs including zakat for mosque carers (marbot), zakat for teachers in Qur’an Education Organisation (TPA), zakat for instructors of the Islamic Development and Companion Program Unit (UP3AI) USK, and zakat for teachers of Balee Beut around the university. 

This program is a symbol of appreciation from the muzakkis from Rumah Amal Masjid Jamik Universitas Syiah Kuala to all the recipients who have generously supported mosques and taught Islamic values to the society. 

The zakat distribution started with a motivation webinar and a symbolistic zakat handover on the same day at 09.00 – 10.00 GMT+7. The event was opened by the director of Rumah Amal, Dr. rer. Pol Heru Fahlevi, M.Sc. The material was presented by Prof. Dr. Mustanir, M.Sc, who is also head of Mosque Prosperity Agency (BKM of Masjid Jamik and a professor in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Universitas Syiah Kuala. 

In his remarks, the director of Rumah Amal explained that this program was intended to express appreciations for the recipients who have generously dedicated their time and effort for the religion. 

Prof. Dr. Mustanir presented a material under the theme of “Masjid and Qur’an Education Organisations as a Human Resource Development”. He mentioned that mosque carers and Qur’an teachers in TPA and Balee Beut are very noble professions which would help protect ourselves from bad deeds and receive Allah’s blessings as mentioned in the Qur’an Surah At-Taubah Verse 18, “The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give zakah(zakat)…” . The mosque carers would ensure that each prayer would commence at the exact time every day and responsible for the comfort of worship for the visitors. In other words, the mosque carers are those who always tend and thus contributed to the prosperity of the mosque. The Qur’an teachers, UP3AI mentors, and Balee Beut also patiently teach Qur’an to the students and society. These deeds would hopefully be rewarded as ongoing charity by Allah SWT. 

Aside from that, the operational manager of Rumah Amal, Haris Munandar, S.Pd., Gr. informed that the recipients of the zakat funds were chosen by the recommendations from the chief of the village (keuchik), head of BKM, and director of TPA around USK including the mosque and TPA of UIN Ar-Raniry as they were considered to fulfil the criteria as asnif zakat. “We decided to share the zakat on Ramadan and hope that the muzakkis would be blessed, and that the mustahik would be happy.”, as Haris explained. 

The total zakat funds reached an amount of Rp 92.100.000,- , which then shared to 22 mosque carers, 58 TPA teachers, 23 teachers in Balee Beut and 80 UP3AI mentors in Syiah Kuala University. For the mosque carers and teachers in TPA and Balee Beut, the allocated fund was Rp 700.000,- for each person. Meanwhile, the UP3AI mentors received Rp 250.000,- per person. The money was directly given to the recipients in Rumah Amal office while practicing the health protocols, wearing mask and keeping a safe distance.

The recording of the motivation webinar could be accessed through the Rumah Amal youtube channel.