Siswa Unsyiah Bergabung Covid-19 KKN Tematik di Labuhanhaji

19.06.2020 Humas

Kuta Alam Health Center in cooperation with the Unsyiah campus held a free mass swab test in the local Puskesmas area, Kuta Alam District, Wednesday (6/17/2020). Acting (Plt) Kuta Alam Health Center Faisal said, mass swab activities carried out by his side also took part initiated by the Unsyiah campus.

"So the target is the community in the working area of Kuta Alam Health Center and Lampulo Health Center," said Faisal as reported by Analisaaceh.

Faisal said today for the Covid-19 swab test activity in Kuta Alam sub-district, it was centered at the Kuta Alam Health Center, with the main target being the people with the status of People in Oversight (ODP).

"Then the potential for the Covid-19 case is those suffering from comorbidities, then health workers who are vulnerable to health services, both from the clinic, medical partners who handle infectious diseases," he said.

In addition, he said, the target of the Covid-19 swab test conducted today was more than one hundred people from both work areas in Kuta Alam sub-district, including the Lampulo Community Health Center.

"There are 71 people from Kuta Alam, then 89 registered from the Lampulo Community Health Center, so there are one hundred more. Inside there are from the Sector Police, Koramil and then the general public and Nakes, "said Faisal.

Faisal explained, the swab results will usually come out the day after the swab test is done. "If it is not finished at 12, usually the most late the day after tomorrow will be the result," he concluded.