Student Executives of Nursing Faculty on Most Outstanding Student Contest (MAWAPRES)

05.05.2021 Humas

The student executives of the Nursing Faculty in Universitas Syiah Kuala hosted the annual event of Most Outstanding Students Selection (MAWAPRES) within the Nursing Faculty on 01 May 2021. (Banda Aceh, 3 May 2021)

Mawapres is a competition for students with high achievement. The contest is open for students from batches 2020, 2019, and 2018.

This year’s competition had to be carried out in a different mechanism than the previous years due to the impact of Covid-19. As a result, the competition was carried out virtually instead of face-to-face. 

In this MAWAPRES event, the theme was “To Reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by Nurse Achievements”. The goal is to improve Nursing students’ creativity, support an academic culture in the university to facilitate students in making great achievements and to acknowledge Nursing students with high achievements. The chosen student with the greatest achievement would be joining the Most Outstanding Student Contest (Pilmapres) on the university level. 

There are four participants in the current event including 4 students from batch 2018, 1 student from batch 2019, and 1 student from batch 2020.

Based on the judges’ decision, this year’s Most Outstanding Student in the Nursing Faculty was Akrima Salsabila from batch 2018. The second place went to Nadia Rizkina (2019) and the third place went to Arif Hidayatullah (2020). 

Sabrina, the head committee in this event wished that Covid-19 could end soon so that future events like MAWAPRES could be carried out face-to-face. 

“We also hope that the winner would give their best contributions and prove that they are capable to compete in the Pilmapres on the university level.”, she said.