Students From Sydney Visit Unsyiah

12.12.2018 Humas

A total of 10 students from the New Colombo Plan Student Mobility Program 2018 undertook a study trip to Syiah Kuala University on December 5-10 2018. This activity aims to expose humanitarian and development issues in Indonesia.

Secretary of PPISB Unsyiah, Dr. Saiful Mahdi S.Si, M.Sc, said that this program is the result of collaboration between Western Sydney University's Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies and Unsyiah's Center for Social and Cultural Sciences (PPISB) with ICAIOS. This is the second year of implementation. In this activity, students were invited to see Aceh closer to various issues.

"This activity is to increase knowledge about sharing issues, such as earthquake, tsunami, conflict, socio-cultural, to religious life," he said.

Dr. Saiful added, students were facilitated by professional academics, such as Prof. Yusny Saby, Dr. T. Alvisyahrin, Dr. Cut Dewi, Dr. Ari Palawi and Reza Idria, MA.

Vice Rector IV Unsyiah, Dr. Hizir, said that this activity gave high appreciation to history, culture and society. He hopes that the activities can provide new experiences for students, and can change the wrong perspective about Aceh so far.

In this activity, students were invited to see the development process of post-conflict Aceh and the tsunami. They were invited to see historical sites around Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar.

In addition, the students also visited Sibreh Keumudee Village, Aceh Besar, which is a village fostered by PPISB Unsyiah. There, they learn about the culture of Acehnese, such as Rumoh Aceh, peusijuek, to how to manage agricultural fields. (Humas Unsyiah / fer)