Students of Agriculture Faculty Holds National Webinar to Realize Millennial Farmers

09.11.2020 Humas

Student Executive Board of Agriculture Faculty held a national webinar on November 7, 2020. In his remarks the Dean of Agriculture Faculty Prof., Dr. Ir. Samadi, M.Sc said that this activity was in line with the government's program in realizing the Young Agricultural Entrepreneur Growth Program. The Faculty of Agriculture Unsyiah is one of the partner universities that is active in the program.

"Students must be able to become strong entrepreneurs after completing their studies and be willing to become creative and innovative millineal farmers," said Prof. Samadi.

This activity presented Billy Mambrasar, Special Staff to the President of the Republic of Indonesia. In his presentation, Billy mentioned that the agricultural sector has so far been abandoned and is considered a bottom pyramid. Therefore, the agricultural sector must also be able to be cultivated by young people or millennials. Moreover, currently the government through the Ministry of Agriculture has a program to create 2.5 million millineal farmers.

"Unsyiah must be able to create agricultural technology and research, so that this sector can excel. What's more, this sector is able to survive development and face Covid-19, "said Billy.

Furthermore, he gave an example that New Zealand and the Netherlands were able to succeed as exporters of agricultural products, intensify, and encourage the use of IT in an integrated manner. The two countries were also able to recruit young people to cultivate technology-based agriculture.

Other presenters, Dr. Ir. Syaifullah Muhammad, M.Eng told about the superiority of Aceh patchouli and the role of Atsiri Research Center (ARC). He also invited the millennial generation to be actively involved in building ARC. "This is an effort to create a creative and innovative generation," said the leader of ARC.

Next, Owner Minyeuk Pret Daudy Sukma, SE explained about the importance of patchouli oil entrepreneurship that millineal farmers must work on. Acehnese youth must be optimistic, productive, innovative and creative to produce agricultural derivative products, including those from essential ingredients.

In the final session, the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture's Military Farmer Ambassador Graha Abadi Pasyaman, S.P. describes the Opportunities and Challenges of the Future Generation of Young Farmers. In his presentation, Ambassador of Millineal Farmers emphasized that the generation of young farmers (millennial farmers) must be able to play a role in the welfare of farmers and strengthen food security.

"Apart from that, the biggest challenge, of course, is in terms of pursuing entrepreneurship which millineal farmers must work on," concluded Graha Abadi Pasyaman, S.P.

Overall the 2020 National Webinar, chaired by the Chief Executive Muhammad Ramadhani, was very successful and was attended by 500 participants. In the event, the enthusiasm of the participants was extraordinary in the question and answer session to all presenters. The organizing committee at the end of the event also provided 6 door prize packages to enliven the 2020 National Webinar event.