07.06.2018 Humas

Call For Participant!

August 5-12, 2018, University of Syiah Kuala, Indonesia.

Unsyiah will implement the 2018 Summer Camp Program. This program is designed for high school students and college students from Asian and European countries. The program consists of activities such as disaster lessons, visits to several Tsunami sites or Tsunami sites, coastal areas, anti-disaster schools, and others.

Through this program participants are expected to share experiences and information about disaster and local wisdom according to their respective home areas and to prepare plans for the global environment.

This event will take place for one week in Banda Aceh, Unsyiah, August 5-12, 2018, which will be participated by high school students and students both local and foreign.

Registration opens May 7th - July 25th, 2018. Sign up soon next link:

Let's join and get an unforgettable experience with participants from all over the country!

See the brochure for more info.