Survey II TDMRC: Many People Have Not Protected Themselves When They Arrive Home

03.04.2020 Humas

The TDMRC Survey Team, which is part of the Unsyiah Covid-19 Task Force, reports the results of the second survey of individual risks to Covid-19 in Aceh province. One result is that the majority of respondents still did not do self-protection when they got home. (Banda Aceh, 4/2/2020).

Chairman of the Task Force Covid-19 Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Marwan said, the main purpose of this survey was to photograph a picture of the level of risk of individuals in Aceh Province against the danger of the Corona virus.

"The survey instrument distributed at the same time was intended as a self-assessment tool for respondents, to determine their level of vulnerability to the danger of the corona virus," Marwan said.

Overall, a survey conducted by Rina Suryani Oktari, M.Sc, Dr. Syamsidik, and Prof. Khairul Munadi, there were 5,005 respondents who filled out online forms for this survey. Of these, 4,624 respondents agreed that their answers were the source of data for the analysis of this study.

As the survey coordinator, Rina said, from the results of the survey, there were still many respondents who had not made protective measures after their activities outside the home, such as putting soap / hand sanitizers at the entrance, showering immediately, and soaking used clothes / clothing worn outside the home. Though all this has the potential to transmit the corona virus in the house.

"So we urge the public to always keep their family members safe from virus attacks by always maintaining personal hygiene, the environment, and keeping the body healthy with strong immunity," he said.

In addition, the survey results also showed that in general, more than 50% of the total 4,624 respondents were in the group with moderate and high risk. Then there are still quite a lot of respondents who spend time or activities outside the home which is around 76% of the total respondents.

"More than 90% of respondents still touch objects / money, which is also touched by other people who can be a media to spread the Corona virus," said Rina.

Then, in terms of the characteristics of respondents, men have a higher risk of contracting the corona virus than women. In addition respondents with age less than 26 years and more than 55 years are a group that has a higher risk of contracting the Corona virus, compared to other age groups."This is because the respondents still spend a lot of time outside the home," concluded Rina.