Surya Paloh Give Public Lecture at Unsyiah

21.05.2018 Humas

Indonesian National figure, Surya Paloh, gave a public lecture in front of more than a thousand Unsyiah students at AAC Dayan Dawood Building, Banda Aceh, Friday (5/11). In the lecture, Surya Paloh delivered materials about nationality to students and academic community. In his presentation, Surya Paloh said the Indonesian people should be proud to live and peace in the country. He added, Indonesia became a superpower is not a dream in broad daylight considering the power of supporters of all aspects, both the natural wealth, the area and the population.

"It's a big obsession, that it's not a silly dream to make us a superpower. Currently we live in a country that has a dozen requirements needed to be a great nation, a mighty country, "he said.

Indonesian thinks it is a great gift that God gives. Because Indonesia has 17 thousand islands with a vast ocean that becomes an advantage in maximizing natural resources. It compares with the arid Middle East conditions and the plants are difficult to live on.

However, according to him Indonesia at this time can not stand upright. There are many problems that must be addressed wisely, especially related to tolerance. Therefore, Surya Paloh invites all elements of society to increase tolerance and moral ethics.

This public lecture was one of the agenda of Surya Paloh during his three-day visit in Aceh, May 11-13, 2018. This activity was attended by academic community of Unsyiah and Forkopimda Aceh. (fer)