Task Force Covid-19 Unsyiah: Caution is Needed to Open A School In The Middle Of Pandemic

19.06.2020 Humas

The school is one of the high-risk places of Covid-19 transmission, especially for schools with a boarding concept. This was conveyed by the Covid-19 Task Force of Syiah Kuala University, dr. Amanda Yufika, M.Sc, in a public discussion with the theme "Schools in the New Normal Covid-19 era; Review of Epidemiology and Effective Learning Methods, "Thursday (6/18/2020) via the Zoom application.

In his presentation, Dr. Amanda said that children are one of the vulnerable groups of Covid-19 transmission in Indonesia. Compared to other countries, the Covid-19 case in children in Indonesia is among the highest in the world. At present, there are 584 positive cases of Covid-19 in children, and 14 of them have died.

"Therefore, caution is needed to open a school in the middle of this pandemic. "Almost all countries that apply lockdown and open the lockdown, they choose to open the most recent school," Amanda said.

He explained the reasons why schools are at a high-risk location for Covid-19 transmission, among others because of the difficulty in maintaining distance at school and in the classroom, especially for students at the elementary school level. In addition, there was a large crowd that made it difficult to avoid indirect contact, and the difficulty of inviting children to wear masks during the lesson.

"When does the school open? When a pandemic can be controlled, when the case curve decreases. But in Indonesia, especially Aceh, cases are on the rise. This phase is not safe yet, "Amanda continued.

For this reason, he hopes health considerations become a top priority over other priorities if schools in Aceh reopen. Policymakers are also asked to consider the benefits and risks. However, even if the school continues to open, Amanda asks that the Covid-19 preventive health protocol be applied in all schools and has safe guidelines / SOPs for students and teachers. He also suggested that the opening of schools could be carried out in stages starting from the higher level up to the level of basic education.

Meanwhile, Representatives of Aceh's education authorities, Zulkifli, S.Pd, M.Pd. said, they have set the education year 2020/2021 starting July 13, 2020. There are two learning scenarios to welcome this new school year, namely by conducting a face-to-face system paying attention to health protocols and regulated SOPs from each education unit. For those who may not do face to face, it is done with a learning system from home. However, these two scenarios will still be decided by looking at the development of Covid-19 in Aceh. Most importantly according to him, children must continue to get an education during Covid-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, Unsyiah's Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Marwan said Covid-19's control policy in the aspect of education in Aceh facing new normal needs to be strengthened by the study of academics, education practitioners, and community experience while still paying attention to epidemiological reviews. He hopes that this discussion can generate positive input for the government and the people of Aceh in running schools in the new normal era.

The seminar also presented presenters Dr. Sofyan A. Gani, M.A. MPA Aceh members and participated by hundreds of educators from various districts in Aceh. (Unsyiah PR / fer)