TDMRC Unsyiah Helps Disaster Management in Palu

15.10.2018 Humas

TDMRC survey team Syiah Kuala University (Usyiah) has been in Palu City since Saturday (10/13), in order to conduct damage assessment due to the earthquake and tsunami in Palu and its surroundings.

The team is led by Dr. Benazir with members consisting of 3 research and student staff. The team is tasked with mapping the extent and height of tsunami waves, types of building damage, and tsunami sedimentary characters.

"This assessment activity needs to be done so that it can validate the results of studies related to the complexity of the earthquake and tsunami there," said Dr. Benazir.

He hopes this activity can contribute to the handling of disasters, as well as answering several key questions related to the phenomena that occurred in Palu. In addition, this assessment can later be used as a policy for the recovery process.

It is planned that the TDMRC Unsyiah team will be in Palu until October 19. Mapping of building damage was carried out with the help of a mobile mapping application developed by TDMRC. This activity is also supported by USAID's PEER research # 5-395 which is managed by TDMRC itself. (fer)