TDMRC Unsyiah Holds Cross-Sectoral Online Seminar Discuss Covid 19

29.04.2020 Humas

The Tsunami Disaster Research and Disaster Mitigation Research Center (TDMRC) Center as part of the Covid-19 Task Force Syiah Kuala University, on Tuesday (4/28/2020) held an online seminar "Safeguarding Aceh from Covid 19: Views of Muslim Scholars and Government Policy." This activity presents presenters Tgk. H. Faisal Ali (Deputy Chair of the Aceh MPU), dr. Ichsan, M.Sc (TDMRC Researcher / Unsyiah Lecturer), and dr. Hanif (Head of Aceh Health Service).

In his presentation, Ichsan said a joint effort was needed to break the chain of transmission of covid-19. This settlement is not only the task of the government, but also must be completed across sectors and collaboration between parties. Especially at this time the flow of Lebaran has started. Care and caution are needed, so that the pandemic is not widespread in Aceh.

"In terms of epidemiology, this disease is very dangerous because it spreads so fast. Community compliance is very important to suppress the spread of the covid-19 virus, "Ichsan said.

The spread of the virus throughout the world has also affected all aspects of human life. After the pandemic is over Ichsan continued, a new life will be born with new habits. This new habit has been indirectly formed due to the outbreak of this virus.

"We will not return to normal life, but will lead to a new normal life. Life will change, like online meetings or the creation of robots that don't touch patients. "

The same thing was also conveyed by dr. Hanif who is also the Chairperson of the Health Handling Task Force for the Acceleration of Covid-19 Aceh Province. He said prevention and control must be a priority, especially at this time there is no vaccine that is able to prevent human coronavirus infections. It takes awareness to routinely wash hands with water or handsanitizer, avoid touching the eyes, nose, or mouth, use a mask, and keep a distance.

"Every individual must avoid close contact, especially with those who are positive. Including those who have just returned from the red zone, it is recommended to isolate themselves and not interact with others. "

Meanwhile, Faisal Ali hopes the government can determine the status of the area if there are the latest developments. Determination of this status according to him becomes important because it is related to the procedures for the implementation of worship. If covid 19 increasingly large outbreaks, then the procedures for the implementation of worship can be done as in Jakarta.

He considered currently in Aceh, between social life and the application of the context of worship is not in line, such as the implementation of the distance of one meter in the prayer salat. This is because there is no clear status determination from the government.

"The worship will follow how the government determines the conditions of the region, because there are specifications for emergency, there are provisions." said Faisal Ali.

Nevertheless, he considered co-19 in Aceh was still under controlled conditions. Worship can still be done as usual, by not denying the use of masks as a preventative measure. He also hopes that access to Aceh can be tightened. Because almost all positive cases in Aceh came from red areas outside Aceh.

"We hope that there will be no more cases of co-19 and pray that God can eliminate this plague in Aceh," he concluded.

The seminar lasted three hours and was attended by hundreds of participants from various backgrounds and agencies. (Unsyiah PR / fer)