The Ambassador of The Czech Republic Visited USK

29.04.2021 Humas

The Ambassador of The Czech Republic to Indonesia, H.E. Mr. Jaroslav Doleček and his delegation visited The University of Syiah Kuala. The delegation was greeted by the Rector of USK, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M. Eng in the Rector’s room. (Banda Aceh, 29 April 2021). 

H.E. Mr. Jaroslav Doleček was accompanied by the Deputy of The Czech Republic Ambassador, Mr. Jakub Černý, the Embassy Assistant, Ms. Jana Horčičkova, The Czech Republic Environmentalist, Mr. Thomas Ouhel, and the Special Staff of Head of Indonesia Zoo Association, Dr. H. Rahmat Shah. 

The Ambassador of The Czech Republic in his remarks said that their visit was to prepare for the visitiation of the Minister of Environment from The Czech Republic to Indonesia on the beginning of June 2021. The Minister would also make a visit to Aceh, and particularly to USK on 10 June 2021. 

The visit from the Minister of Environment of The Czech Republic would include the nation’s delegation composed of the Business people/Entrepreneurs and Rectors from various universities, including Rector of Ostrava University who signed an MoU with USK. 

“The visit would strengthen the cooperation with many sectors, especially USK.”, he said. 

The Rector in his remarks described that USK was honoured for the Ambassador and his delegation visit to USK. This visit was intended to continue the current cooperation and explore cooperation in other areas between USK and other universities in The Czech Republic. 

“We want to continue the cooperation between our universities (USK and some universities in The Czech Republic) specifically in the education, health, and environment sectors.”, as said by the Rector. 

Additionally, the Rector also appraised the development of nano technology of The Czech Republic as he finds it interesting. It should also be noted that so far, USK has had a cooperation with Universiti Malaya on the development of natural nano fiber.

Therefore, the Rector of USK hoped that USK would be able to do research collaborations with the universities in The Czech Republic and develop this technology. The Rector also explained that USK has an initiative to introduce The Czech Republic’s culture in the campus by setting a Czech’s corner in one of USK library’s corners. 

Meanwhile, H.E. Jaroslav appreciated the warm welcome to the university and welcomed the initiatives to support the relationship of USK with the universities in his country. 

He also welcomed the idea of collaborated research on nano technology. He confirmed that his country excels in the area. 

“We do our best on nano technology and in the future, we would also do more on this field. Surely, we are proud of USK for being interested in this field.”, he said. 

Regarding the plan on setting up the Czech’s Corner, H. E. Jaroslav thanked USK for the plan. The Czech Republic Embassy would contribute to Czech Corner so that the (USK) students may get to know more about The Czech Republic. 

“We hope that this would bring our people together and bring us closer.”, as he said. 

In this event, the Rector also invited the delegation to explore the library of USK. This event was also attended by the Vice Rector IV of USK, the Dean of Veterinary Medicine Faculty, the Dean of Medicine Faculty, the Chairman of OIA USK, the Head of USK Library, and some USK researchers.