The Rector Supports the Faculty of Agriculture’s Implementation of Independent Learning in Independent Campus (MBKM)

29.04.2021 Humas

The Rector of the University of Syiah Kuala (USK), as represented by the Vice Rector from the Academic Division, Prof. Ir. Marwan supported the Faculty of Agriculture’s implementation of the Independent Learning in Independent Campus (MBKM). This was mentioned by Prof. Marwan in the virtual Safari Ramadan to the Faculty of Agriculture on Thursday (29/4).

According to Prof. Marwan, the Faculty of Agriculture had been very well in implementing the MBKM especially regarding the academic and students’ activities sector. This was proven by the grant received by the Diploma program of Agribusiness (D3 Agribisnis) in strengthening vocational education. The same achievement was also replicated by some bachelor’s degree (S1) programs with the development of the MBKM curriculum from the government. 

The benefits from the grant were quite large as the faculty received Rp 10 Millions for every active student in the study program. This was such a big opportunity for the faculty to strengthen their study programs while implementing MBKM. 

“We hope that next year there will be more study programs in the Faculty of Agriculture and even in other faculties that could receive this grant so that USK would generally be able to strengthen the implementation of an independent campus.”, as explained by Prof. Marwan. 

The Dean of Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samadi, M.Sc. explained that some study programs in their faculty were participating in the Independent Campus Program Competition (PKKM). The funding for this event is also quite large to support the MBKM. Moreover, he added, the Agricultural Product Technology Program and the Agriculture Engineering Program are currently applying for an international accreditation. 

“Both study programs are preparing the documents for the international accreditation process.”, as Prof. Samadi said. 

Additionally, he added, the Rice Study Centre in Aceh which was managed by the lecturers from the Faculty of Agriculture had produced five superior rice prototypes. They just need two more steps to process the copyright and put these products in the market. They need to go through the quality and pests and diseases tests. This rice study centre in Aceh had also registered for collaborations in the Kedaireka platform. 

Prof. Marwan showed his appreciation for the achievements made by the Faculty of Agriculture. One important note from this Safari Ramadan is to support and collaborate to strengthen the quality of the faculties and the university. Thus, we could make USK into a university with global competence.

Aside from Prof. Marwan, this Safari Ramadan was also attended by the Vice Rector from the General Affairs and Finance Division, Dr. Agussabti and the Vice Rector of Student Division, Dr. Afliansyah Yulianur.