UiTM Shah Alam Students Visit Unsyiah

24.05.2018 Humas


About 35 students of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam visited Syiah Kuala University. The group was led by Noor Afzan Zakaria as Naib Co Curriculum UiTM and was greeted by Vice Rector IV Unsyiah. Hizir in the Unsyiah Senate Hall. (Thursday, 5/24).

Dr. Hizir in his speech said, Unsyiah was very happy about the willingness of UiTM students to visit Unsyiah. According to Hizir, so far the relationship between the two universities has been closely intertwined. So he hopes this visit can strengthen the relationship that has been established.

"UiTM is a great campus. The number of students reaches 170,000 students. So we also hope one day later Unsyiah students can make a return visit to UiTM, "he said.

Noor Afzan Zakaria expressed his gratitude for the very good welcome from Unsyiah to them. Noor revealed that the purpose of this visit is to know more about Unsyiah which is the oldest campus in Aceh. Noor also hoped there are many positive things from Unsyiah that can be brought to UiTM later.

In this meeting, UiTM students watch the video playback of Unsyiah profile. Then continued the discussion around the world of educational process in Unsyiah.