Unsyiah and BPOM Establish Cooperation in Education Field

12.06.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) and the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) signed a memorandum of understanding regarding cooperation in the fields of education, research, community service, and human resource development. This cooperation was signed by the Rector of Unsyiah, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng.IPU and Drs. Zulkifli, Apt., Head of the Center for Drug and Food Supervision in Banda Aceh, Friday (6/12/2020).

Rector said this collaboration was specifically carried out with the Faculty of Mathematics in Natural Sciences (FMIPA) Pharmacy study program. However, it is also possible to do other related study programs. The collaboration is also to increase the knowledge of students and faculty of Unsyiah related to the drug and food industry.

During this time, Unsyiah has created many innovative products from the results of research and creativity products of students and lecturers. This cooperation can strengthen, so that the products produced can be well received by the market.

"This cooperation provides a new spirit for Unsyiah to continue to produce innovative products that have BPOM standards and permits, so that they are able to compete nationally," the Rector said.

He added, this cooperation also provided an opportunity for Unsyiah students and lecturers to conduct direct learning at BPOM. It provides hands-on learning, so they can combine the academic atmosphere on campus and the atmosphere of hands-on practice in the food and medicine industry. This step is also to strengthen the Unsyiah Halal Research Center which was established several years ago.

Meanwhile, Drs. Zulkifli, Apt. welcome this cooperation. According to him, the campus is not only an academic center, but also a center for innovation products. The resulting product must have a BPOM permit if it is to be circulated to the public.

"Our hope, every product produced and circulated to the public must have a marketing authorization, so that the quality is good and permits are also safe," concluded Zulkifli.

BPOM also opens a discussion room for sharing knowledge for students who conduct research, practice, and internships. He also opened up opportunities for Unsyiah alumni who want to join BPOM. (Unsyiah PR / fer)