Unsyiah and ICRC Strengthen The Study Of International Humanitarian Law and Human Values

06.11.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University together with The International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC) agreed to strengthen the academic world related to education and the study of international humanitarian law, as well as human values. This agreement was marked by the signing of the MoU of understanding by Unsyiah’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng and Alexandre Faite, ICRC Regional Head for Indonesia and Timor Leste, Thursday (11/5/2020) virtually from two different locations, Banda Aceh and Jakarta.

Alexandre said the ICRC cooperation with the academic world globally had been going on for a long time in Indonesia. Likewise with Unsyiah, the ICRC has collaborated to study and disseminate human values and human rights. In fact, this is the third memorandum of cooperation agreed since 2010.

"In this new partnership, the coverage is more comprehensive. Not only humanitarian law, but also human values which are a new program and we are happy to be able to initiate it with Unsyiah, "said Alexandre.

He also appreciated the largest campus in Aceh for giving great attention and commitment to issues of international law and displacement. Alexandre also hopes that from this collaboration, his party can learn local wisdom and social dimensions in Aceh. Because he continued, the success of a humanitarian program really depends on and relies on local wisdom.

Prof. Samsul appreciated the extension of cooperation between these two institutions. He said the ICRC had played a lot in Indonesia, especially in Aceh. This institution has helped Aceh a lot during the conflict, as well as when the tsunami hit the province in 2004.

Prof. Samsul said that this collaboration would focus on research exchange, research collaboration, strengthening local resources, especially academics from the Faculty of Law Unsyiah, and supporting research centers in Unsyiah, especially those focused on humanitarian and human rights issues.

"We want international humanitarian law to be included in the curriculum at the Faculty of Law, so that it can be taught to students. Moreover, Aceh used to be a conflict area whose events still make an impression on the minds of the people, "said Prof. Samsul.

He hopes that this cooperation will be of benefit to both parties. Prof. Samsul also invited the ICRC to give a public lecture for students and lecturers on humanitarian issues. (Public Relations Unsyiah / fer)