Unsyiah and PKK Aceh Hold an International PAUD Conference

03.12.2018 Humas

Syiah Kuala University and the Aceh Province PKK held an international conference on Early Childhood Education (PAUD) called International Conference On Early Childhood Education (ICECED 2018) starting December 3 - 4 2018 at Anjong Mon Mata, Banda Aceh. (Monday, 12/2).

Rector of Unsyiah, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng in his remarks said that there were three main objectives why Unsyiah collaborated with PKK to carry out this activity.

First, to help members and PKK community in relation to new techniques in guidance and counseling in shaping the character that is suitable for our new generation. The technique is a product that has been developed by Sultan Idris University, Malaysia.

Second, to develop the basics of character education as recommended in Islamic teachings. Third, to develop relations between PKK and Unsyiah with neighboring countries.

Rector hopes that this activity can make PKK Aceh better. No longer just focusing on culinary, as well as household affairs and appearance (as some people perceive). But the PKK must also develop the capacity of its members to build a better society.

"That is by adopting the theory and practice of education and in collaboration with teachers in schools and stakeholders of education, for the purpose of building the character and capacity of our children in the future, the future generation of the nation," said rector.

Deputy Chair of PKK Mover Team Dr. Ir. Dyah Erti Idawati, MT, said that the quality of PAUD has been the focus of PKK Aceh so far. Therefore, PKK Aceh seeks to promote the importance of early childhood education, and how to increase community participation in sending their children to PAUD.

One of the ways is by providing early childhood education facilities in each village, through a very familiar Aceh PKK program, which is One Village One PAUD.

"In the next three years, we hope that around 75% of Acehnese children can get education in PAUD," he said.

Chairperson of the Committee Sariamah T. Alamsyah Banta said, this activity was carried out based on the 2012 PKK National Working Meeting and was part of the PKK Aceh Work Program.

The activity themed the Role of Parents Against the Formation of Character of Early Childhood, continued Sariamah, was attended by 250 participants from inside and outside the country including Malaysia and Thailand. Where participants are PAUD teachers, lecturers, students, education observers and other education stakeholders.

Sariamah revealed, this activity aims to improve the quality of education personnel and other stakeholders, so that character education for children can synergize, in order to realize a generation of qualified and moral Acehnese.

As for the Keytnote speaker present Prof. Dr. Haji Adanan bin Haji Basar Rais from the College of University Ugama-Seri Begawan (KUPU-SB) College, Brunei Darussalam. Enc. Aziz Mohd Yatim from Tanjong Malim University, Malaysia.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shukree Langputeh from Fatoni University, Thailand. Child Book Author and Indonesian PAUD Consultant, Petro Alexy and Senior Lecturer in Linguistics Unsyiah Assoc. Prof. Dr. Qismullah Yusuf.

On this occasion a cooperation agreement was signed between Unsyiah and Fatoni University, Thailand regarding the development of education