Unsyiah Appeals Employees Distributed Zakat Overcome Corona

03.04.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University urges its employees to distribute zakat to the people affected by Covid-19. This appeal was conveyed by the Unsyiah Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng IPu when greeting hundreds of academics through the zoom.us teleconference video, Friday morning (4/3/2020). This activity was the first time that Unsyiah had done, after the oldest campus in Aceh closed its activities since March 17th.

Rector said that the distribution of zakat could begin in April. Moreover, at present, many people are affected economically due to limited space during the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. According to him, this invitation was intended for all ASNs and contract employees, both teaching staff and education staff.

"Zakat can be distributed to students or the community around Unsyiah. Moreover, the current condition does not all work, "he said.

However, he also will not make a problem if there are employees who distribute their zakat elsewhere. The more zakat and aid is distributed, the more people are helped. According to the Chancellor, the community at this time must intervene to get involved in stopping the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak.

"Even though we are currently implementing physical distancing, it does not mean we forget the social life around us. Do not let this situation make us feel less empathy. On the contrary, it must increase to help each other, "he said.

The current condition, according to the rector, made some people unable to work optimally. Of course this will have an impact on the economic life of society. Moreover, it will soon enter the holy month of Ramadan whose daily needs will increase. According to him, it was appropriate that every employee in Aceh set aside his income and zakat for the affected communities Covid-19. He also hopes that this step can be realized and followed by other agencies in Aceh.

During the meeting, rctorr also appealed to the teaching staff to always remind students to stay at home and follow the government's appeal. This appeal can be done on the sidelines of online lectures. Because the chain of spread of the Covid-19 virus can be stopped by isolating yourself at home. Silence for 14 days is one effective way so that this virus does not spread and spread to others.

"Humans who make this virus move from one place to another. If all obey the government's call, the chain of this virus can be stopped. And this is a joint task, including students, to convey to those around him, "

Students must also play an active role in providing positive and accurate information for those around them. Especially at this time, almost all Unsyiah students were at home. This condition according to the Chancellor became an opportunity for students to deliver precise information about the covid-19 outbreak. Do not let accurate information sink with the amount of hoax news circulating.

"Unsyiah students must be able to educate people around the spread of this epidemic, of course while maintaining self and health," he concluded. (Unsyiah PR / fer)