Unsyiah Apply Physical Distancing In Inaugurating a New Officer

31.03.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University implemented Physical Distancing when inaugurating two new officials at the AAC Dayan Dawood Building. This step was taken to anticipate the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the campus environment. (Banda Aceh, 3/31/2020).

The two new officials were appointed by the Chancellor Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng. They are Prof. Dr. dr. Maimun Syukri, Sp. PD-KGH as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for the second period, and Dr. Ir. Darmadi, M.T as Deputy Director of Postgraduate General and Financial Affairs.

In his remarks, rector said that although at this time Unsyiah had issued a Circular to prohibit all activities in the Unsyiah environment. But today's inauguration is an exception, considering that the inauguration this time is very important so that there is no leadership vacuum so that it can hamper the administration process on campus.

Therefore, in the inauguration process, Unsyiah implemented physical distancing, and complied with all protocols issued by WHO to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

"In this inauguration, Unsyiah limited the attendees, including those from the family. Each invitation must maintain a distance and is not allowed to shake hands. Hopefully we can all understand, for our common good, "said rector.

On that occasion, rector also congratulated the two new officials who were appointed. The Chancellor hopes that both of them can carry out this mandate well, so that it can bring positive changes for Unsyiah.

Rector also appreciated a number of achievements from Faculty of Medicine during the leadership of Dr. Maimun in the first period. Today Unsyiah FK has become one of the major faculties in Unsyiah with the best accreditation ranking.

This is indicated by several indicators, including the increase in the number of Specialist Education Programs (PPDS), the birth of several new professors from this faculty, which began with Dr. Maimun himself, as well as the FK Unsyiah community who today have been actively involved in efforts to deal with the Covid-19 outbreak.

So it is with Unsyiah Postgraduate which has grown better. Improving the quality of human resources and financial transparency in Postgraduate continues to progress. The Chancellor hopes that changes like this can continue, so that they will have a positive influence on Unsyiah's efforts to realize his vision and mission.

"Therefore, I hope both of them can carry out this mandate with full integrity. Thus, I am sure that what we aspire to is to improve the quality of this tertiary institution can be more easily manifested, "he said.

Also present at the inauguration were Vice-Rector, Heads of General and Financial Bureaus, Chairpersons of the institute, as well as a number of Deans in the Unsyiah circles.