Unsyiah Campaigning Disaster Awareness Through Educational Comics

28.08.2019 Humas

One of the innovative products exhibited by Unsyiah at 2019 Ritech Expo Research, Innovation and Technology Exhibition at Renon Puputan Field Denpasar, Bali, August 25-28, 2019 was a disaster awareness comic by the UPT Disaster Mitigation (TDMRC).

TDMRC Unsyiah Education and Management Cluster, Intan Dewi Kumala, S.Psi. MSi. said, disaster knowledge must be understood from the early age, starting with preschool children. This is aim to foster disaster awareness, as well as educate what steps should be taken when a disaster occurs.

"Information on disaster knowledge must also be introduced to children, at least they understand what to do if there is a disaster. One of them we introduce through comic books, "explained Intan to PR Unsyiah, Tuesday (8/27).

Comics were chosen because they were considered easier for readers to digest. The results of research conducted by TDMRC which tend to be scientific, are converted into popular reading material. This step is carried out so that research results can be enjoyed and understood by the community.

In addition to comics, at this exhibition TDMRC also displays training modules that can be used to increase the capacity of those who have been dealing directly with disaster. In addition, there is also an international workshop module on disaster risk management which is the result of cooperation of several countries in strengthening human resources. Not just reading, TDMRC also displays a 7,400-year-old tsunami ancient sand specimen and earthquake-resistant house.

Intan hopes that in the future more and more educational products that are easy and fun and promote local wisdom.

"In the future we will continue to produce creative products, maybe disaster education or other innovation games to be applied in everyday life," he concluded. (PR Unsyiah / syhr-fer)