Unsyiah Charity House Distributes Scholarships

04.01.2019 Humas

The Charity House of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) channeled scholarship funds worth IDR 25.8 million to 23 students. The awarding of this scholarship took place at the Unsyiah Jamik Mosque on Thursday (1/3).

Director of Charity House, Dr.rer.pol. Heru Fahlevi, said that the distribution of funds consisted of two scholarships, Charity House Achievement Scholarships (BPRA) and Foster Parents Scholarships (OTA). The recipients were Unsyiah students from various faculties who had passed the selection since last November. In fact, among them is the Quran hafiz.

Heru added, the BPRA scholarship is one of the programs of the Unsyiah Charity House which is intended to help outstanding students who have difficulties in their education. While the OTA Scholarship is a program that bridges donors, especially the academic community, to choose foster children who meet the criteria.

"We hope that these two scholarships can provide opportunities and motivation for underprivileged students to continue to excel and finish their studies," Heru said.

Meanwhile Vice Rector III Unsyiah, Dr. Alfiansyah Yulianur BC, appreciated the Charity House which successfully distributed two scholarships. According to him, the distribution of educational assistance greatly helped the students in completing their education at Unsyiah. This scholarship can also encourage students to continue to excel without leaving religious teachings. Because according to him, in addition to achievement, students receiving scholarships must also be active in Islamic activities.

"This program is very good and should be appreciated. Students are encouraged to continue to excel and apply Islam in a transparent manner," he said.

Alfiansyah also hopes that more donors will channel their funds to the Unsyiah Charity House, both in the form of zakat, infaq and alms. (Humy Unsyiah / fer)