Unsyiah Covid-19 Task Force: Medical Workers Complained of Social Isolation From The Community

14.04.2020 Humas

The TDMRC Survey Team, which is part of the Unsyiah Covid-19 Task Force, reports the results of a study related to the health care behavior of the health workers towards the Covid-19 pandemic in Aceh province. One result was that some respondents who were medical workers complained of social isolation from the community because of their profession. (Banda Aceh, 4/13/2020).

Head of the TDMRC Survey Team dr. Ichsan, M.Sc explained, this survey was attended by 1,132 respondents from 12 health professions who served in public health services in 23 districts / cities in Aceh.

More than 90% of respondents feel they are very at risk of contracting the corona virus in carrying out their duties. In addition, there is a growing irony in society, namely the existence of social isolation of health workers who provide services to patients Covid-19.

"Some of the complaints mentioned by the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) in Aceh regarding the complaints of medical officers who were rejected by residents of the village when they were going back to their homes after finishing serving the Covid-19 patient were true," said Dr. Ichsan

According to him, this makes a stressor for health care workers at the forefront of handling this Covid-19 patient. That stigma can actually weaken their enthusiasm in serving, especially during an outbreak like this.

In addition, the results of this study also showed that more than half (51%) of respondents felt that the place where they worked did not provide optimal protection for them to avoid covid-19.

Regarding self-protection efforts, 96% of respondents answered that they have always tried to increase self-protection since the pandemic issue broke out. One of them with frequent hand washing. Then, more than 90% of the respondents mentioned that they always wash their hands before and after the examination.

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) most frequently used by respondents is surgical masks (80%) and handscoen (55.7%) and in this survey it was also revealed that 77.9% of health workers who were respondents still had difficulty in obtaining PPE while on duty.

For this reason, from the results of this study Unsyiah gave several recommendations to the Government of Aceh. First, provide adequate training on self-protection efforts and the use of PPE for health workers in Aceh province equally.

Second, ensuring the availability of PPE for health workers, ranging from those working in co-19 referral hospitals to the Primary Service level.

Third, guaranteeing both material and social welfare for health workers, especially those who provide direct services / countermeasures for the 19th plague.

Fourth, providing health insurance for medical personnel with the best occupational accident insurance, bearing in mind the risks that may be experienced when dealing with covid patients19 is very high.

Fifth, provide life insurance insurance for families who are left behind if there are medical personnel who die in carrying out the noble task of handling covid-19 patients.

"Through this study, we hope the government can provide full support to health workers. Likewise the community, so as not to exclude those who have struggled to face this pandemic, "said dr. Ichsan