Unsyiah dan DPRK Banda Aceh Menyurvei Sistem Drainase

14.05.2020 Humas

After flooding that submerged the city of Banda Aceh, two academics at the Syiah Kuala University, Prof. Dr. Azmeri ST MT and Surya Bermansyah ST MT re-surveyed the feasibility of the drainage system in Banda Aceh, particularly in the area of Jalan Mohammad Jam.

Quoted from Serambinews.com, in this survey they also invited leaders and members of DPRK Banda Aceh. Present in the survey were the Chairman of the DPRK, Farid Nyak Umar, Deputy Chairperson, Usman, Chair of Commission III, Arief Khalifah and Sabri Badruddin.

On this occasion Prof. Azmeri conveyed that the problem of floods that occurred in Banda Aceh a few days ago had to be seen from upstream to downstream. Based on natural factors, he said, the rainfall at that time was very high, reaching 287 millimeters per day, according to him, including super extreme rain.

But, he said, even though the source of the rain is large, if it is supported by a good drainage system and a good pumping system, according to him, a pool of water can be minimized and the possibility of flooding can also be minimized.

To avoid flooding, according to him, it is also not possible because it was true that inundation occurred yesterday at high tide. However, this condition does not mean that it cannot be dealt with, one thing that can be done is to justify the drainage outlet.

While Chairman of Commission III of the Banda Aceh DPRK, Teuku Arief Khalifah said, there was a lot of drainage that needed to be treated especially in the Kampung Baru area because many of the water outlets entering the drainage were clogged.

The results of the review earlier, he said, had siltation due to accumulation of drainage. He hopes in the future the garbage originating from the indiscipline of the community in disposing of the garbage can be cleaned up.

The same thing was said by Commission III member Sabri Badruddin. He said, after the flood a few days ago, the DPRK wanted to evaluate the condition of the drainage infrastructure and flood management.

Sabri Badruddin explained, all of this would be an evaluation material for repairs, as well as the pump house. According to him, basically the pump house is still good. However, when there is a flood, it is disturbed due to flooding.