Unsyiah Donates Personal Protective Equipment for the Medical Team at RSUDZA and Meuraxa

16.04.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University donated a number of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the medical team, which served in the Zainal Abidin Regional General Hospital and Meuraxa Regional Hospital. This assistance was delivered through the hospital's representative at the Unsyiah Covid-19 Task Force Secretariat (Banda Aceh, 4/15/2020).

Deputy Chairman of the Covid-19 Task Force Unsyiah Dr. dr. Safrizal Rahman, M. Kes., Sp.OT explained, this assistance consisted of two groups. First the assistance from the Faculty of Dentistry for the medical team at RSUZA and RSU Meuraxa. Then the assistance from the Task Force Covid-19 Unsyiah for PPDS students who served in the ICU room of the hospital.

As for the assistance, the FKG for RSUDZA consisted of 35 boat shoes, 30 surgical gowns, 20 spun bund hazards, 25 micro hazmat pieces, 15 head cap 15 pieces, 11 box masks, 11 box handskun, 15 Google safety goggles and 500 shoe cover.

Then for Meuraxa Regional Hospital, consisting of 15 boat shoes, 15 surgical gowns, 10 spun bund hazmat, 15 micro hazmat pieces, 5 box head cap, 5 box mask, 8 box handskun, 15 Google safety shoes and 500 shoe cover . While the assistance of the Unsyiah Covid-19 Task Force, consisting of 1000 hazmat and 100 face shields.

Assistance from FKG was given by the Dean of FKG Unsyiah Dr. drg. Cut Soraya, M.Pd., Sp.KG to Deputy Director of Meuraxa Hospital Services, dr. Ichsan, Sp. M and Dr. dr. Herlina Dimiati, Sp.A (K) from the RSDUZA representative.

Then the assistance from the Unsyiah Covid-19 Task Force was given by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Unsyiah Prof. Dr. dr. Maimun Syukri, Sp.PD-KGH to Dr. Herlina who also serves as the Coordinator of PPDS Unsyiah.

Safirizal revealed, the assistance from FKG was the second time to support the Medical Team during the Corona virus outbreak.

"Previously, FKG Unsyiah had donated surgical clothing and milk assistance to the medical team that served in the entire RSUDZA room," he said.

On that occasion, Cut Soraya explained, the assistance from FKG came from various parties such as lecturers, alumni, and FKG students as well as several other parties outside FKG Unsyiah. He hoped that this assistance could further ease the burden of medical personnel who had fought in the vanguard to deal with Covid-19.

"With this togetherness, God willing, we can ease each other. Because we all hope that the condition of this outbreak will pass quickly, "he said.

Head of LPPM Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Taufik Fuadi Abidin, S.Sc., M.Tech who represented the Unsyiah Covid-19 Task Force said that all this assistance was a form of Unsyiah's support for medical personnel so that they could work optimally, especially in the face of the current pandemic. It is also a form of Unsyiah's commitment to continue to contribute, supporting the government so that it can get through difficult times because of this plague.

"No matter how small this assistance is very meaningful for them. Then Unsyiah will try to continue to be actively involved in helping. Because we believe, this togetherness makes us better prepared and stronger, "he concluded.