Unsyiah Explain the Success of PPID To KIP

17.10.2019 Humas

PPID's Syiah Kuala University Information and Documentation Management Officer (PPID Unsyiah) explained the success of the innovations and collaborations that have been carried out in support of public information disclosure. This presentation was carried out in the context of evaluating and monitoring public information disclosure by the Central Information Commission which was held at the Mercure Jakarta Batavia Hotel, Monday (10/15). Unsyiah was represented by Dr. Hizir, as the University PPID accompanied by Executive PPID Chairil Munawir MT.

In his presentation, Hizir explained several advantages and successes that Unsyiah has done so far, such as the presence of PPID website, PPID-based Android application, TV information, UnsyiahTV Youtube channel, billboards, and social media management.

" Unsyiah innovation develops every year and we do this to facilitate the information transfer and documentation needed by the community, "he said.


Meanwhile for collaboration, Unsyiah has cooperated and coordinated with the Aceh Information Commission and the Aceh Diskominfo regarding information and opinion exchanges for the better implementation of PPID. Hizir also emphasized that Unsyiah continued to maximize innovation and collaboration with related institutions to maximize public services.

"We continue to try to provide the best for the public in accessing Unsyiah information and documentation," he continued.

Meanwhile, Head of Public Relations Unsyiah, Chairil Munawir said, this event was an annual KIP activity to see the extent to which public agency had made information disclosed to the public. This is in accordance with the mandate of Law No. 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Openness. In this legislation it is stated that each public body must provide the widest possible access to information and documentation to the public.