Unsyiah Gives Internet Quota Subsidies During Online Learning

22.04.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University provides internet quota subsidies to its students during online learning. Head of Public Relations Unsyiah Chairil Munawir said the subsidy was aimed at easing the burden on students to study during the Corona outbreak (Covid-19). (Banda Aceh, 4/21/2020).

Chairil explained, this internet quota used the Telkomsel card. Where each student will be entitled to a data package of 8 Gigabite (GB).

"We provide an internet quota subsidy for students by injecting directly into the number of students registered on the Online Study Plan Card (KRS)," Chairil said.

For this reason, students are still using other providers or not Telkomsel providers. So Chairil reminded them to immediately replace the card by renewing the cell phone number on KRS online.

Chairil said, this internet quota subsidy had begun to be distributed today. For the first stage, Unsyiah provides free internet packages to 13 thousand students who have updated their cellphone numbers on KRS Online.

"It is estimated that per student will get around 8 GB," Chairil explained.

Chairil hopes, through this quota subsidy that students can use it as well as possible to study at home. In accordance with the Circular that has been issued, the online teaching and learning process at Unsyiah will take effect until the end of the even semester 2019/2020.

"After giving this phase I quota, we will conduct an evaluation for further policy making," Chairil said.