Unsyiah Holds International Conference (ICELTICs)

03.10.2018 Humas

Public Relations Unsyiah - Syiah Kuala University and the Association of Higher Education Informatics and Computer Science (APTIKOM) and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) held an International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Informatics (ICELTICs) at Hermes Hotel, Banda Aceh, September 19-20, 2018. International Conference on Milad 57th Unsyiah focuses on the fields of electrical engineering, computers, and informatics.

Chancellor of Unsyiah, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, in his remarks read by Dr. Taufik Fuadi Abidin, Head of L2M Unsyiah, appreciated this forum. He said ICELTICs could be an active forum for academics, researchers, and practitioners to develop smart devices to face the 4.0 industry and present smart people.

"This conference can bring interesting discussions and encourage knowledge exchange, so that we can enrich science, research and technology in accelerating industry 4.0."

He also hopes that this conference can be a place to exchange ideas between participants, so that the results can be applied in their respective regions. In addition to improving connectivity between researchers, practitioners, and academics through discussions, exchanges, and sharing the latest research and innovations.

Committee Chairperson, Dr. Ramzi Adriman, said the ICELTICs conference carries the theme of smart devices and computing to accelerate industry 4.0 and enrich smart communities.

He said the conference was attended by participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, China, Taiwan, and Portugal. The committee has also received 82 papers from participants on various topics. 34 papers were received by the committee and will be presented at the conference in 11 parallel sessions. It is expected that papers received and presented can be included in the IEEEXplore Digital Library.

Present as speaker Prof. Dr. Shuo-Yan Chou, from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and Beno K. Pradekso, information technology practitioner.