Unsyiah Holds Online and Offline Graduations

25.11.2020 Humas

The graduation ceremony of Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) this time, Tuesday (11/24/2020) felt different. Because for the first time, this campus is holding graduations online and offline. This different graduation was carried out to minimize the spread of Covid-19 which has not yet ended in Aceh. In fact, in the AAC Dayan Dawood Building, Darussalam, where the graduation took place, the number of participants and invited guests was very limited.

Unsyiah Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng, said that this year's graduation was a combination of three graduation periods which should be held in May, August and November. Due to various considerations, restrictions, and based on health procedures, not all graduates can attend the graduation procession directly. Those who attended were only representatives from each faculty and graduates with honors or cum laude.

Overall, the number of Unsyiah graduates who graduated this time was 3,313 students. Of these, 27 students were presented to the building and the rest attended online graduations. This year's graduation combines three periods, namely the 145th graduation for the February-April period totaling 1,016 graduates, the 146th graduation for the May-July period with 614 graduates, and the 147th graduation for the August-October period totaling 1,683 graduates. Overall to date, the number of Unsyiah alumni has reached 133,283 graduates.

Prof. Samsul said the Covid-19 pandemic had changed many life challenges. In fact, experts have analyzed the possible transformations that will occur after this outbreak is over. This transformation, he continued, must be able to face the graduates with all the possibilities in the future.

"While in college, we are not only prepared to have competence, but also the ability to analyze and synthesize something from what has happened," he said.

For this reason, Samsul hopes that the graduates must have the courage to try and be willing to accept whatever results have been made. Attitudes to be independent, competitive, and synergized must be possessed in order to conquer challenges. Moreover, according to data from the Central Statistics Agency as of August last year, the number of unemployed people in Indonesia reached 7.05 million. Of these, 737,000 are university graduates. Meanwhile in Aceh, the number of workforce who have not found employment is 147 thousand people. This figure puts Aceh in the 8th position as the region with the most unemployment in Indonesia.

"This is exacerbated by the fact that the growth rate of college alumni is much faster than the growth rate of employment," he continued.

For that, Prof. Samsul hopes that graduates can continue to create and innovate with the capital they get during education. An unyielding attitude is also very much needed to achieve the desired goals. (Public Relations Unsyiah / fer)