Unsyiah Holds Training for Covid-19 Detection Team

17.04.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University held a Biosafety and Real-Time PCR Training for the Covid-19 Detection Team of the Infection Disease Laboratory Unsyiah. This activity was carried out from April 13-15, 2020 in Unsyiah. (Banda Aceh, 4/17/2020).

Dr. Ichsan, M.Sc as the chief executive of this activity explained, this training was carried out in order to answer the community's needs related to the diagnosis and identification of the SARS CoV-2 virus in patients or people of Aceh who were suspected of suffering from Covid-19.

For this reason, Unsyiah needs to make various preparations to help the community deal with the virus outbreak. One of them is by holding this Biosafety and Real time PCR Training.

"This activity aims to improve the quality and capacity of the Unsyiah lab team, so that it can meet WHO inspection standards in the Covid-19 examination, as well as ensuring the safety of officers and the public," said Dr. Ichsan

In addition, this training was carried out to ensure that the Unsyiah lab's HR was certified, specifically in the SARS CoV-2 virus detection capacity in all samples to be examined.

"If there are people asking whether Unsyiah is capable of conducting this covid-19 test? The answer is very capable, because both in terms of human resource capacity and sensitivity and specificity of the tools we have are very high according to WHO standards, "said dr. Ichsan

Then why has until now Unsyiah not begun? Dr. Ichsan said, because now Unsyiah must ensure the quality of the diagnosis and must guarantee Biosafety also Biosecurity that is in accordance with standards, in order to prevent transmission to officers and the public.

As is known that WHO has set the Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction test as a gold standard (gold standard) diagnosis of Covid-19 disease. Currently Unsyiah has two RT-PCR devices, one of which was purchased specifically to support the breaking of the Covid-19 transmission chain in Aceh with a fast, precise and accurate diagnosis.

Therefore, the training was provided by technicians and RT PCR experts from ScienceWerke Jakarta. There were 14 participants who participated in this training. They come from the Faculty of medicine and Unsyiah Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Ichsan revealed, they will later become the frontline in covid-19 test at the Unsyiah Infection Disease Lab.

"Real time PCR that we have can detect Gen E, Gen N and RdRP Genes in the Corona virus RNA simultaneously in one tube. This will greatly saving time, "he said.

We will carry out this examination in three stages, namely the Extraction, Amplification and Detection stages. These three stages can be carried out within 3-4 hours, and in one inspection we can examine 93 samples. This means that with the two tools we have, Unsyiah is able to check 186 samples at a time.

"So if the epidemic transmission rate jumps in Aceh, we are optimistic that the Unsyiah Lab will have the capacity to check up to 400 samples a day," he said.

Currently Unsyiah Lab is in the process of completing biosafety requirements and obtaining a permit for inspection from the government. After this training, the Unsyiah covid-19 diagnostic team was increasingly eager to carry out this noble task.

"And in the not too distant future, after we receive the permission, the Unsyiah lab will be ready to serve the people of Aceh to help diagnose Covid-19," he concluded.