Unsyiah Holds Work Meeting for 2019 Period

28.12.2018 Humas

Rector of Syiah Kuala University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal M. Eng., Officially opened the Working Meeting (Raker) in 2019, at the Kryad Muraya Hotel, Banda Aceh, Friday (12/28). The work meeting attended by Unsyiah’s officials and took the theme "Strengthening PK-BLU, Independence, Internationalization Unsyiah facing the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0".

Rector said, for the higher education, 4.0 Industrial Revolution can be pursued through the development of information and communication technology (TIK) -based modules. In addition, it can pursued through E-learning activities, digital bussen, Baswedan education outcomes, student centered learning, and similar activities that are in line with this times.

However, all of these steps can be done by increasing the accreditation of study programs and universities. For this reason, he hopes that in 2020 Unsyiah can achieve superior university accreditation and all study programs will no longer be accredited C.

Rector also added that the learning process at Unsyiah will be enhanced to strengthen character formation, such as anti-corruption education, strengthening boarding student coaching, and strengthening the field of religion. In addition, there will also be integration of academic data and improvement in the quality of Unsyiah's PSDKU Gayo Lues.

"Unsyiah will also improve the parking system and create a green campus to create order and beauty," said rector.

Coordinator of the Working Meeting, Dr. Hizir, said that this activity was attended by 100 participants consisting of university leaders, senators, faculty leaders, heads of institutions and units, as well as other policy makers. The results of this working meeting will be used as a reference for Unsyiah when attending the work meeting of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education next year.

"Today's working meeting is also an evaluation for Unsyiah during the past year," Hizir explained. (Public Relations Unsyiah / mr)