Unsyiah Holds Work Plan Meeting

04.01.2018 Humas

Rector of Syiah Kuala University Prof.Dr.Ir. Samsul Rizal M.Eng officially opened the 2018 Unsyiah Working Meeting with the theme of the Enhancement of Service Capacity and Efficiency towards Syiah Kuala University Financial Management Public Service Institution (PK-BLU) and PTN-Legal Entity at AAC Dayan Dawood. (Thursday, 4/1).

Rector said that in 2018, Unsyiah targets 75% of study program must have accredited A and no longer accredited C. To be known, currently 50% of study program in Unsyiah accredited  A. Therefore Rector plans this year study program in Unsyiah has the authority to manage its own budget.

"We will formulate together, will have a budget that can be managed for things that are needed by the study program. Because its the spearhead here, "said Rector.

The Rector added that currently there are several work units in Unsyiah who achieved ISO certification, which are Unsyiah Library, Academic Bureau, Planning and Public Relations Bureau, and Institute for Educational Development and Quality Assurance (LP3M).

"Alhamdulillah from these achievements, then our performance already has a standard," said Rector.

In addition, in the near future Unsyiah will change its status to the Public Service Institution, so there will be fundamental changes in the financial system. So to maintain transparency and accountability in financial management, Unsyiah will directly bring in external auditors.

"After the status of BLU, Unsyiah invited public accountant to see the extent of Unsyiah's financial system," said Rector.

Chairman of the Committee Prof. Dr. Ir. Husni Husin, MT explained that the meeting was attended by 300 participants consisting of elements of University Leadership, Senatorial Elements, Faculty Leadership, Post Graduate, Head of Institution, Technical Implementation Unit (UPT), Head of Prodi, hospital, planning system, administration element assisted by the organizing committee.

"While the implementation is based on a button-up pattern, starting