Unsyiah Host CRISU-CUPT 12

13.10.2017 Humas

The Syiah Kuala University host the 12th Council of Rector of Indonesian State University-Council of University President of Thailand  (CRISU-CUPT) held on October 11 - 13 2017 at Hermes Hotel, Banda Aceh (Thursday, 10/12).

The International Conference is entitled "Enhancing Disaster Resilience Through Education: Opportunities and Challenges for Indonesian and Thai Universities", and involves existing universities in Indonesia and Thailand.

Rector Unsyiah Prof.Dr.Ir. Samsul Rizal M. Eng said Unsyiah was honored to participate in this important conference. Rector assesses that CRISU-CUPT has played a significant role in building relationships and strengthening collaboration between universities in both countries.

"CRISU-CUPT is an annual event consistently undertaken to strengthen mutual relations between Thailand and Indonesia, in order to face challenges for future HR development," said Rector.

Chairman of CRISU Prof. Dr. Syafsir Akhlus, M.S said the conference aims to facilitate the meeting of all rectors in Thailand and Indonesia, who then discussed a topic. This year the topics chosen was disaster mitigation. For this reason, Syafir hopes that this meeting will create effective programs for dealing with disasters.

"So far the CRISU-CUPT conference is quite effective, it is marked by the number of mobilizations or exchanges at the student level, researchers and has given birth to many excellent programs," explained Syafsir.

Head of BAPPEDA Aceh Azhari Hasan said, the Aceh Government greatly appreciate this conference. Moreover, the chosen theme of disaster mitigation is a very important issue in Aceh. According to Azhari, disaster management is a shared responsibility including universities.

"Then we have to move together. All parties must collaborate with each other and help so that disaster management steps can be effective. For that, it needs a lot of communities who care about this issue so that mitigation programs can run well, "said Azhari.

In this conference participants from Thailand consisted of the president and vice president of Thailand University, 18 deans and vice deans, lecturers and 26 students. While Indonesia consists of 34 rectors and vice rectors, 55 deans and vice deans, and 21 students.

The speakers are Vice President for Research of Chiang Mai University Assoc. Prof. Sampan Singharajawapan, PH. UNESCO Representative Ardito M Kodijat, Kompas Journalist Ahmad Arif, M.Si, ITB Researcher Dr. Ir. Eng Hamzah Latief, Researcher of TDMRC Unsyiah Dr. Syamsidik and Dr. Nazli Ismail.

Also present Deputy Coordination of Foreign Policy Ministries of Law and Human Right H.E Lutfi Rauf and Chairman of CUPT Prof.Dr. Suchatvee Suwansaat.