Unsyiah Host The Agri-Relationship of ASEAN Network

16.08.2019 Humas

Syiah Kuala University is the host of 2019 Agri-Relationship of Asean Universities Network (AUN) starting from August 15 – 28, 2019. The activity, which presented 75 ASEAN agricultural students, was opened by Vice Chancellor I Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Marwan in the Multi Purpose Room Hall, Unsyiah Faculty of Agriculture. (Darussalam, 8/15).

Prof. Mrwan, In his remarks said, Unsyiah welcomed the implementation of this activity, because it was one of the efforts to enhance cooperation between universities in ASEAN. Marwan hopes that this meeting will bring up the positive activities among ASEAN students.

"All participants can share information to improve their knowledge and skills through various activities in the laboratory, field practices and field trips that have been prepared in this program," he said.

For this reason, Unsyiah fully supports this activity. Besides being able to increase students' knowledge in agriculture, this activity also encourages ASEAN students to get to know each other's local culture, especially in agriculture.

"So that all participants can gain valuable experience by exchanging information between countries. Therefore, we hope that all participants are serious in participating in the whole series of activities, "he said.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Ir. Samadi, M.Sc, said, in 2017, AUN was held at Thaksin University, Thailand. Then at Putra Malaysia University in 2018, Unsyiah will host this year. According to him, Unsyiah was honored to have been appointed as a host at an international forum like this.

"Unsyiah's participation in international activities like this is indispensable for the ranking of Unsyiah students' achievements," he said.

The Chairperson of the Program is Dr. nat. techn. Syafruddin, S.P., M.P. explained the participants who attended were from five universities namely Putra Malaysia University, Thaksin University, Muria Kudus University, Muhammadyah University Purwokereto and Unsyiah.

The participants will visit Sabang and Aceh Besar. In Sabang they will get information about the City of Sabang and its tourism potential. While in Aceh Besar, they will visit the date palm plantation, chicken farm in Saree and stay for three days in Gampong Nusa to get to know the culture of Aceh.

In addition, AUN 2019 was also filled with seminars from the BI Province of Aceh with the theme "The Role of BI in Supporting the Agribusiness Sector in Aceh" which will be delivered by the Chairperson of the BI Province of Aceh.

"The other most important agenda is that the participants will visit the Unsyiah ARC (Atsiri Research Center) to get an overview of information about the development of Aceh's patchouli industry and production," he said.

As for activities in the lab and field, participants will be recognized by the theory and practice of making biopesticides, introduction of local resource-based feed technology and development techniques for mycorrhizal biofertilizers.

Finally, participants will see coffee processing technology in the Product Development and Pilot Plan lab at FP Unsyiah. In the AUN 2019 event will also be selected the best participants, the best groups and the best presenters.

"Unsyiah has won all three awards at the 2018 AUN event at Putra Malaysia University and hopefully can maintain these achievements this year," he said.