Unsyiah Hosted of the Sumatran FISIP-BEM Conference

20.02.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University was the host of the Third Sumatran FISIP-BEM Conference, by declaring the headline of the movement with the name "Sovereign Sumatra" on Wednesday-Sunday, February 12-16, 2020.

The conference, which was attended by various alliances of the Student Executive Body of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences throughout Sumatra, has chosen coordinators for the three regions of Sumatra. Bangka Belitung University was chosen as one of the coordinators of the Southern Sumatra region.

The main issues discussed at the conference was the entire BEM FISIP alliance in Sumatra will examine and oversee the three main issues consisting of agrarian conflicts, human rights violations, and health.

"It is hoped that with this conference, all student alliances across Sumatra can oversee various issues related to these three issues," said the chosen coordinator, Teuku Rizza Muly.

In 2015, the Sumatra-based FISIP-BEM conference was held for the first time at Sriwijaya University. The second conference was held in 2016 at Padang State University. In 2020, Unsyiah FISIP-BEM was appointed to host the third conference.