Unsyiah Infectious Disease Laboratory Ready for Covid-19 Swab Test

06.05.2020 Humas

The Syiaha Kuala University Infection Disease Laboratory has been declared “ready for Corona Virus swab specimen testing (Covid-19)”. This was marked by the inauguration of the facility by Unsyiah Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng at the Unsyiah Faculty of Medicine. (Banda Aceh, 6/5/2020).

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Maimun Syukri Sp.PD (K) said, this laboratory aims to help the community especially in Aceh and Indonesia in general. The lab also collaborates with the Aceh Health Research and Development Agency (Balitbang).

In addition, Prof. Maimun also revealed that reputation was important for Unsyiah in functioning this infection lab. This is the reason why the new Unsyiah inaugurated it now.

"Because we maintain reputation. In addition there is a problem of transportation of materials that we wait a few days. Alhamdulillah, today everything has come, "said Prof. Maimun

Rector revealed, this lab can test as many as 400 samples/day, and the results can be known within 12 hours. All experts on duty in this lab have also been certified. The security standard of the lab includes Biosafety Level 2.

"Because the government lab requirements may be co-19 tests if the biosafety is level two, and we have passed two, namely two and a half," said Samsul.

The presence of this lab according to the rector is a form of Unsyiah's concern for the future development of science. Considering this Covid-19 outbreak which reportedly originated from bats, has drawn worldwide attention to the problem of zoonoses. So through this lab, Unsyiah wants to continue to develop research related to it.

Rector revealed that after the Covid-19 outbreak was over, the infection lab would become research sharing from several faculties and study programs at Unsyiah. Because the Chancellor wants, Unsyiah not only produces learning processes, but must be able to produce research that is beneficial to society.

"Therefore, I express my gratitude for the support of the Government of Aceh for this lab. Hopefully the collaboration between the Aceh Health Research and Development Agency and Unsyiah will be able to make Aceh the main reference for health development in Indonesia, "said rector.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Aceh Health Service, Dr. Hanif, who was present delivered the speech of Acting. The Governor of Aceh said that the Aceh government welcomed the lab. Because research in the laboratory is needed by patients who are exposed to the Corona virus, which is to determine the effects of the infection they are experiencing.

Although currently the Aceh Health Research and Development Agency has a laboratory equipped with PCR, it is not enough because the PCR examination is only to find out the type and amount of the virus.

"Meanwhile, to see the impact of the virus requires another test system, this is where the presence of this infectious disease lab is important, to support research and medical team work," he said.

Hanif hopes that the existence of this lab can help to obtain accurate data by the medical team in understanding the condition of a patient. Because these data will be an important consideration for the medical team in providing treatment.

Therefore, he hopes Unsyiah can optimize the best possible existence of this lab for the treatment of infectious patients in Aceh.

"Thus, we can reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases in Aceh, so that the chain of these diseases can be broken. The existence of this lab also not only supports in terms of research in the faculty, but is very beneficial for the work of the medical team, "he said.

Also present at the inauguration were the Head of the Aceh Health Research and Development Agency, the Head of the BPBA, the Director of RSDUZA, the Chairperson of IDI Aceh, the Vice Rector and Dean of Unsyiah, and the Unsyiah Covid-19 Task Force Team.