Unsyiah Is Ready To Be A Covid-19 Test Place

30.03.2020 Humas

Syiah Kuala University is increasingly preparing to become a testing ground for the coronavirus or Covid-19. Rector of Syiah Kuala University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Samsul Rizal, M.Eng. IPU and its staff on Monday morning March 30, 2020 visited two locations that will be the center for handling covid-19 tests. The two locations are the Infection Laboratory and the Prince Nayef Hospital (RSPN) Unsyiah.

Rector said, Unsyiah had a PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) unit or corona virus test kits according to World Health Organization (WHO) standards. Initially, this tool was placed in the Integrated Research Laboratory of Veterinary Faculty as part of academic research. However, seeing the development of the covid-19 virus in Aceh which continued to spread Samsul decided to move the PCR to the Infection Laboratory.

"We are setting up an Infection Laboratory as a location for covid-19 test testing. This laboratory is supported by adequate facilities and rooms that are in accordance with the level of security, "said the Rector, Monday (3/30/2020).

The three-storey laboratory building was prepared by Unsyiah so that the Covid-19 test flow ran smoothly. In fact, also provided a special room and isolation if an emergency occurs. Prof. Samsul explained that the PCR unit was able to test 96 samples within 1 hour. The presence of this tool is expected to help the community and the Aceh Government in dealing with corona outbreaks, as well as shorten the inspection travel time that has been done in Jakarta. Rector will also immediately write to the Ministry of Health so that this test permit will be issued soon.

"If at any time Aceh must be isolated and transportation routes are restricted, God willing, Aceh can still do the testing, so that the process of identifying positive patients with Covid-19 can be quickly identified," he continued.

In addition, the Unsyiah hospital was also prepared as an emergency hospital to handling the covid-19. This hospital will be for Patients Under Monitoring (PDP) with mild and moderate symptoms.

Samsul hopes that these two Unsyiah steps can help the community and the government speed up the handling of the covid-19 virus. According to him, the current conditions require cooperation from all parties so that the situation can return to normal as before.

"All parties must take the role to eradicate the spread of this virus. We don't want things to get worse. For that, synergy is needed and please help between people, "he said.

Meanwhile, Director of RSPN Unsyiah, dr. Dian Adi Syahputra, SpBA said, it had prepared a transit isolation room before the patient was referred to a referral hospital. Health workers have also taken part in internal handling simulations when dealing with ODP and PDP.

"Specifically RSPN, we are currently very intense for ODP and PDP screening. If an outbreak occurs in Banda Aceh, it will be prepared as an emergency hospital for PDP services in the category of mild and moderate PDP, "concluded Dian.

He also added, to become a covid service hospital, RSPN had requested additional infectious health workers, equipment, and PPE standards as the main requirements for covid-19 services. (Unsyiah PR / fer)